Updated 4:59 PM EDT, Fri, Oct 11, 2019

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Lenovo Launches Connect; New Service to Provide Global Internet Connection Without SIM Cards


(Photo : Reuters) Lenovo is working on an ambitious project known as Connect that will allow people connect to the internet even without SIM cards.

Chinese telecommunications company Lenovo has announced its plan to develop devices that do not require a SIM card in order to operate and get quick access to the Internet even if the user is in a different country.

The project is called Lenovo Connect and the company's goal is to create a "global roaming service" for mobile broadband networks. Lenovo claims that once the service is launched, it will be offered at a reasonable price range.

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Traditionally, users need to buy a new SIM card once they are in a different country in order to connect to a mobile broadband network. On the other hand, laptops do not have slots for SIM cards and they have to rely mainly on Wi-Fi hotspots in order to access the Internet.

Lenovo is looking to find a solution to these problems with its Connect initiative. The company said that users will no longer use SIM cards since connectivity will be fully embedded into Lenovo devices.

Lenovo added that Connect will be embedded on all the company's smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Lenovo Connect will be launched first in the company's native home of China. Two devices will initially support the feature; the LeMeng X3 and Miix 700 tablet devices. Lenovo added that the Connect feature will eventually find its way on ThinkPad laptops in regions including Europe, Middle East and Africa within the first quarter of the year.

Lenovo is yet to confirm whether it plans to release the feature in North America.

Lenovo does not have an existing mobile network, even in its native China. However, the company is planning to act as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Essentially, this means that Lenovo will use cellular services provided by major mobile networks. In this type of operation, users who take advantage of the service will have to buy it directly from Lenovo.

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