Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Drunk Man Assaults Two Chinese Women in Hotel, Staff Does Nothing

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(Photo : Lintao Zhang/Getty Images) Hotel security guards (not pictured) did not stop a drunk man from assaulting two female hotel customers.

Two female tourists were attacked by a drunk man inside a four-story hotel in southwestern China as hotel staff only looked on and passed without doing anything.

The two girls, aged 17 and 23, were tourists from the northeastern Heilongjiang province. They were attacked by a drunk man at about 1 a.m. inside the Rainbird International hotel in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

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The victims reported that the man followed them into the hotel as they returned at 1 a.m on Saturday. They became suspicious of the man's actions and decided not to share a ride with him on the lift. The two ladies instead returned to the hotel lobby where they asked the man why he kept following them.

In reply, the drunk man started attacking the two victims while shouting in  local Sichuan dialect. One of the victims was able to call for help from a friend, who contacted the police.

A hotel security guard tried to stop the drunk man but stopped when the he was pushed away. The guard then did nothing but watch and was even joined by others.

Police arrived and detained the man, surnamed Peng. According to his wife, Peng is a local businessman who had problems with his business and drank to ease himself. He reportedly vented out his anger through beating the victims. They have both apologized to the victims and paid them around 12,000 yuan as compensation.

The victims, however, said that the hotel should be partially blamed for the situation as there was no apparent prevention and intervention done by its workers.

This report adds to the growing concerns related to the safety of women in public, most especially as a similar case happened in Beijing hotel several days ago.

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