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Julio Cachila

Obesity Tackled At Acupuncture Hospital

Jaybird Unveils Fifth-gen Freedom Headphones, the Smallest in the Market

Sports wireless headphone maker Jaybird has made a new set of wireless headphones that are smaller than the ones currently available on the market.

Collective Wedding Held To Greet 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Man Recruits Thousands of Best Men and Bridesmaids for Wedding

A Chinese man is recruiting thousands of best men for his wedding to help remind men to care not just about their parents, but also their parents-in-laws.

Over 150 Years Hollow Walnut Tree In Sichuan

Chinese Man Proposes Using Parachute, Gets Stuck in a Tree

A Chinese man tried to propose to his girlfriend using a parachute, but got swept away – and needed the help of firefighters to get down from a tree he fell into.

Coffee Shop Drinks Found To Contain Excessive Amounts Of Sugar

Nike Teams up With Starbucks to Create Coffee-Inspired Sneaker

Shoe company Nike has teamed up with coffee giant Starbucks to create a coffee-inspired pair of sneakers that will surely be a hit among sneaker-loving coffee drinkers.

Campaigners Call For Tougher Knife Laws

Young Chinese Girl Has Knife Stuck at the Back of her Head

Doctors in southern China have successfully removed a knife that was stuck in the head of a young girl.

Clear-up After Chinese Floods Begins

Bulldozer Runs Wild, Causes Massive Damage Before Stopping

Another incident that involves a bulldozer running wild in a street in north China has been reported, this time with the driver stopping only because he was shot dead by police.

Behind The Scenes At The Bristol Airbus Factory

Aeronautics Company Produces World’s First 3D-Printed Motorbike

A European company has used 3D-printing technology to create a lightweight electric motorcycle that not only look cool but also performs well.

China's Xiaomi Breaks Into Tablet Market

Xiaomi’s New Drone Takes Flight on May 25

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has unveiled its new product - a drone - set to be launched on May 25.

Valentine's Day Group Wedding Held At Palm Beach County Clerk's Office

Chinese Man, 23, Marries a 46-Year-Old Woman Two Months After Meeting Her

A man married a woman twice his age two months after they met in a competition in China.

Beekeepers Prepare For Spring Pollination

University Researchers try out new Tech That Allows Drones to Perch Like a Bee

Spies and other intelligence services would love to get a hold of this: researchers from a renowned university are currently experimenting a way to help drones conserve energy on ore important flights – by making them stick to surfaces the way a bee does.

Washington Mutual Drops ATM Charges

ATM Room in Hong Kong Becomes One-Night Hotel for Tourists

Spending a night at the local hotel might have been too expensive for a pair of tourists, who both decided to spend the night sleeping inside an ATM room in Hong Kong.


Google Registers new Patent for Car ‘Flypaper’

Tech giant Google has received a patent for an ingenious idea meant to prevent further injuries sustained by pedestrians involved in car accidents – by sticking them to the car.

This Year's Cygnets Make A Public Appearance At Abbotsbury Swannery

Chinese Man Shares His Apartment With Birds

A man in southwest China showed unusual hospitality to a pair of birds – by sharing his apartment with them for a while.

General Election - National Health Service

Chinese Miracle Ointment for Hemorrhoids Receive Raving Reviews in the U.S.

A Chinese-made ointment for hemorrhoids has apparently made it big in the United States after receiving positive reviews from scores of satisfied customers.

Local Health Departments Step Up Surveillance Against Epidemic Diseases

Patient's Relatives Beat Doctor to Death

Another patient-related assault occurred recently, causing the death of a doctor in central China.

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