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National Security Education Day: Lesson on Espionage

National Security Education Day: Lesson on Espionage

(Photo : Getty Images/ Central Press) Chinese government employees are warned against falling for suave foreign men

China celebrated its first National Security Education Day last Friday by setting up posters in Xicheng, warning women against falling for handsome foreign men who might turn out to be spies.

The comic book-styled posters titled "Dangerous Love" recounted the story of an attractive Chinese civil worker named Xiao Li who meets David, a red-haired scholar, at a dinner party. David soon started to woo Li with gifts, flowers and romantic walks in the park. Little did Li know that David who claims to be a student is actually a foreign spy tasked to steal Chinese State documents.

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One day, when they were walking in the park, David asked Li to show him internal government memos, telling her that it would help him in his academic work.

Li  hands David a notebook in a Western Dinner and tells David to return it as soon as he's done with it, but the police caught up with David before he had the chance to take advantage of the state secrets. It was only a matter of time before Li was also arrested.

The story ended with Li sitting in an interrogation room with a police officer telling her she is a government employee who has shallow respect for state secrecy.

A Beijing district government employee said that the purpose of the poster was to educate government employees about the importance of keeping state documents confidential as well as reporting any spying activity that they may notice to state security agencies. He added that the campaign is an eye-opener for government employees to espionage.

Huang Yu, a former state employee, was sentenced to death by the Chengdu court on Tuesday after he stole state documents and sold them to an anonymous foreign intelligence service. His wife and brother-in-law who assisted him were also sentenced to five and three years in jail, respectively.

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