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China to Return US Drone With Accompanying Demands

China Likely to Make Demands Before Returning US Drone Seized in South China Sea

Political and military analysts on Sunday said Beijing is likely to present a list of demands to Washington before it hands back a US underwater drone it seized in the South China Sea waters last week.

China Releases Canadian Man on Spying Charges After Prime Minister Intercession

China Releases Canadian Man Charged With Spying After Prime Minister Trudeau Intercedes

China on Thursday released a Canadian man who had been detained for two years on espionage charges after the intercession of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Former FBI Employee Gets Ten-Year Sentence for Spying for China

Former FBI Employee Faces 10-Year Jail Sentence for Spying for China

A former FBI employee with access to classified information in the bureau faces up to ten years in prison after pleading guilty to espionage charges, US prosecutors said on Monday.

National Security Education Day: Lesson on Espionage

National Security Education Day: Lesson on Espionage

China celebrated its first National Security Education Day last Friday by setting up posters in Xicheng, warning women against falling for handsome foreign men who might turn out to be spies.

Britain National Archives Releases Classified Documents

Chinese Man Sentenced to Death for Selling State Secrets

A Chinese man received a death sentence for giving away more than 150,000 documents containing classified information to an unknown foreign agency.

US Naval Flight Officer Faces Trial for Passing Military Secrets to China

US Naval Flight Officer Faces Trial for Passing Military Secrets to China

A U.S. naval flight officer has been detained and will soon face military and civilian trials after he was allegedly caught passing military secrets to China by naval authorities, reports from the US Naval Institute (USNI) said.

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China's Indictment of Canadian Citizen for Spying Sparks Diplomatic Tension

China's indictment of a Canadian man, detained since 2014 for allegedly spying and stealing state secrets, has sparked diplomatic tensions between Beijing and Ottawa, China's state-run news agency, Xinhua reported.

Cyber Espionage / Hacking

U.S. Indicts 6 Chinese Citizens Over Economic Espionage Charges

The United States indicted six Chinese citizens over economic espionage charges. On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Justice said the suspects stole corporate secrets from American companies developing technology for the military.

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela Detains U.S. Citizen For Spying

Tensions between Venezuela and the U.S. are gradually increasing after Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced the arrest of an American pilot in the western state of Tachira for alleged espionage.

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Canadian Woman Jailed In China For Alleged Spying Released On Bail

A Canadian woman has been behind bars in a government-owned detention center in China as she was taken in due to spying suspicion allegations but she has already been released on bail and will still attend a pending trial, China's Foreign Ministry confirms.


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Alan Gross

Freeing Alan Gross: U.S. Works With Cuba to Free American Jailed Over Espionage Charges

Alan Gross has been arrested in Cuba due to espionage and has been behind bars for five years now resulting to the United States working with Cuba to negotiate his freedom as reports have surfaced how frail he is physically and mentally.

Foreign espionage plots are targeting Chinese college students, says China state media.

Paranoia Or Good Sense? Official 'How To Spot A Spy' Folk Manual Circulates In China

Once considered a bit over the top, even in state-run circles, a "how to spot a spy" manual was gaining traction this week in China.

An pro-democracy activist holds up Taiwan's national flag in front of police officers while Zhang Zhijun, director of China's Taiwan Affairs Office, visits the labour activity centre in New Taipei City, June 26, 2014.

China, Taiwan Engage In War Of Words Over Student Spying

A war of words broke out Tuesday between China and Taiwan over Chinese allegations Taiwan security operatives were recruiting Chinese students to spy for them when students returned to the mainland.

Chinese Hacker Group Axiom

Elite Chinese Cyberespionage Group Axiom Exposed

A group of cyber security researchers has released Tuesday a report identifying a government-sponsored Chinese hacker group that targets U.S. and European government agencies and appears to operate on more sophisticated technologies than any identified so far.

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