Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Elon Musk and Superhero Costume Designer Create Bad Ass SpaceX Spacesuit


(Photo : SpaceX/Reddit) Spacesuits? The rendition of a concept for SpaceX's new spacesuits

Elon Musk and a man that designs superhero costumes for hit Hollywood movies worked in secrecy for six months to create the first SpaceX spacesuit.

A concept of the just revealed product of this cooperation is a sleek and elegant design that looks more like a "space tux" than the bulky spacesuits we're all used to seeing on NASA astronauts.

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Tux is the key word according to costume designer Jose Fernandez, a man that's designed superhero suits for movies such as Batman and Spider-man. Fernandez said he worked with Musk for six months on designing the new SpaceX suits.

"He wanted it to look stylish," said Fernandez of Musk's concept. "It had to be practical but also needed to look great. It's pretty bad ass."

And stylish apparently meant a spacesuit with the curved, form fitting lines of a tuxedo. Fernandez said Musk told him "Anyone looks better in a tux, no matter what size or shape they are."

What Musk wants is that when astronauts don the SpaceX spacesuits, they'll "look better than they did without it, like a tux. You look heroic in it."

Fernandez said Musk liked what he saw him create. He said SpaceX engineers are now reverse-engineering his creation to make it more functional for flight. The new SpaceX "Space Tux" will be unveiled in a few months.

Fernandez is the founder and lead designer at Ironhead Studios, a company that designs superhero suits for Hollywood action movies. He admitted he thought he'd be designing another superhero costume when SpaceX first approached him about the project.

Pundits, however, said the SpaceX space suit looks more like a "suit" than a real spacesuit that protects astronauts from the vacuum of space; deadly radiation; intense solar heat and micrometeorite strikes.

On the other hand, Musk might just have given birth to a new spin-off industry: space fashion.

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