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Elon Musk

100 years?

Stephen Hawking says Humans Risk Extinction in 100 Years Unless They Colonize Mars or Another Planet

"Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or ten thousand years."


SpaceX to Attempt Landing of Falcon Heavy First-Stage this Year

"Odds of success low, but maybe worth a shot," Musk tweeted on April 1.

Tencent Acquires Five Percent Stake in Tesla.

Tencent Snaps up Five Percent Stake in Elon Musk’s Tesla

Tencent has picked up a five percent stake in American electric car manufacturer Tesla. The Chinese internet giant has reportedly bought nearly 8.2 million shares in Tesla.

Millionaire astronauts

SpaceX will Send Two Millionaires around the Moon in 2018

"This would do a long leap around the moon," said Musk.


Only Three Student Teams Manage to Race in SpaceX’s First Hyperloop Competition

It will see people rise inside passenger pods that will race along a system of tubes connecting major cities.

Expedition 46 On International Space Station (Getty Images/ESA)

SpaceX Plans to Launch Thousands of Satellites into Orbit to Create a Global Internet Network

While most telecommunications company are limited to delivering Internet services through physical fiber or cable connections and cellular towers, SpaceX has an ambitious plan of launching a space network composed of more than 4,000 satellites.


SpaceX will Dominate World Internet with Plan to Launch 4,425 Internet Satellites

If realized, this project will make SpaceX the largest satellite operator in the world by a huge margin


Microsoft Strikes Partnership Deal With OpenAI

Tech giant Microsoft has announced that it is entering a partnership deal with OpenAI, a non-profit research organization backed by Elon Musk. Microsoft said that it is allowing OpenAI to access the company's virtual machine technology to help in the development of large-scale AI simulation and training exercises.

To Mars!

Price Tag for First SpaceX Mission to Mars: $320 million

NASA, however, has finally publicly given its support for the Mars mission of SpaceX.

I am the biggest

Tesla Opens Gigafactory, the Largest Battery Factory in the World

Musk said the world's largest battery factory might employ up to 10,000 people.

Nine times lucky

Recovered SpaceX Falcon 9 First Stage to be Re-used for the First Time this Fall

The first IDA was destroyed when the Falcon 9 that was carrying it exploded during launch last year, however.

Both winners

Jeff Bezos Beats Elon Musk for the Heinlein Prize

The prize for 2016 went to Bezos for his leadership in commercial space activities that have led to historic firsts.

Tesla Motors Inc. is reported to have signed a non-binding agreement with Jinqiao Group for setting up a production base in Shanghai.

Tesla Close to Setting up $9 Billion Production Base in China

Tesla Motors Inc. is reported to have signed a non-binding agreement with Jinqiao Group to set up a production base in Shanghai. According to a Bloomberg report, the investment is worth $9 billion. Both Tesla and Jinqiao Group, a Shanghai-based state-owned company, will invest $4.5 billion (30 billion yuan) each. Jinqiao's share is likely to be in the form of land.

Electricity flies

NASA Reveals Future Electric Plane; 10 or More Engines will be Standard

NASA's electric airplane named "Maxwell" is the future of flight.


Elon Musk Wants to Colonize Mars to Save Humankind

Mars is the new Promised Land. But is Elon Musk the new Moses?

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