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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Delayed Until 2017; Cause of Delay Points Towards Production of Intel Kaby Lake?

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors

(Photo : Andrew Burton/Getty Images) Microsoft Corporate Vice President Panos Panay introduces a new tablet titled the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at a media event for new Microsoft products on Oct. 6, 2015 in New York City.

Several news outlets have recently claimed that the tech manufacturing company, Apple, is currently gearing up towards announcing the latest versions of their laptop line, the Macbook and Macbook Pro. Based on speculations, the announcement is scheduled for next month during the Worldwide Developers conference or WWDC.

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The reports have remained unverified. However, the fanfare surrounding the new Apple laptops has left Microsoft enthusiasts asking when the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 would be unveiled. Unfortunately, it seems like the laptop/tablet hybrid would not be available for purchase until the turn of the year.

According to The Bit Bag, many avid tech followers believed that it won't be long until Microsoft releases the Surface Pro 5. Recently, prices for the laplet's predecessors, Surface Book 3 and Surface 4, have been slashed significantly. The discounted price has led tech insiders to believe that the fifth iteration of Microsoft's flagship laptop would be showcased very soon. Sadly, the same publication reveals that the chipset for the device has yet to be accomplished. Needless to say, the Surface Pro 5 simply would not be ready until 2017.

Nevertheless, details about the specifications for Microsoft Surface Pro 5 have made its way online. Microsoft has yet to comment on the rumors, however, based on several accounts, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is definitely a laptop game changer.

According to Express, the Surface Pro 5 would be powered by the next-generator Intel processor - Kaby Lake, which is rumored to be shipped with USB 3.1 support and 4k video playback. The laptop/tablet hybrid is also expected to be equipped with the same USB Type-C ports similar to the one Microsoft Lumia smartphones are equipped with.

Surface Pro 5 speculations also claim that the upcoming Microsoft device would include a new Surface Pen stylus accessory. This rumor comes in the light of Microsoft's newly filed patent, detailing the creation of a stylus pen that uses a rechargeable battery.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is the fifth device in Microsoft's Surface Pro laplet line. It succeeds the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which was made available in October of last year.

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