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Computex Taipei 2016: What to Expect at This Year's Event?

Computex 2015

(Photo : Reuters) One of the biggest annual events, Computex, was recently held and MSI came out to be the hero of this show this year as there were many updates that were displayed from MSI products.

Computex Taipei 2016, one of the largest computer expo in the world, is taking place this May 31 up until June 4 in the capital city of Taiwan. Major tech companies from around the world - such as Microsoft, Intel and NVIDIA - are expected to be present at the upcoming event, where they will share their insights and showcase their latest hardware technologies, products and services.

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At this year's event, expect to see a wide range of innovative technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) related devices, all kinds of computer components, memory cards, processors, graphics processing units (GPUs), 3D printing, virtual reality (VR) technology, even smartphones and gaming notebooks.

Among the companies and exhibitors that will be present during the event include Microsoft, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Gigabyte, ARM, Siemens, Lenovo, Sony, Stratasys, and Asus, among others.

In the IoT realm, it is said that Microsoft is planning to showcase technologies - such as IoT related industrial computers - developed in collaboration with local Taiwanese partners. The U.S. company will also exhibit its VR technology and the "visual experience" of its Windows 10 operating system, Focus Taiwan reported.

In the realm of gaming technology, it was revealed that Gigabyte is expected to showcase its latest next-generation X99 gaming motherboards designed to work with Intel's next-generation Broadwell-E processors. AMD, on the other hand, is said to unveil new Polaris-based Radeon GPUs on June 1, while, NVIDIA could unveil new "Pascal-powered portables". U.S. chip maker Intel will also be present at the event to unveil the new successor to the Skylake processor, called Kaby Lake.

As for smartphones, reports say Taiwanese company Asus is rumored to launch the new member to the ZenFone line-up called the ZenFone 3. Furthermore, Tech Radar reported that Sony could be launching two new phones at the event as well, while Lenovo is expected to reveal a new device, according to the company's CEO.

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