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Ready for China

Taiwan ‘Defeats’ Massive PLA Amphibious Invasion in Major Military Exercise

The huge live-fire war games involved the major service branches of ROCAF.

Like a chopper

Taiwan Confident of Acquiring F-35B Stealth Jets from the US to Counter China

Taiwan specifically wants to purchase the F-35B, the version flown only by the U.S. Marine Corps.

Soon Taiwan

Taiwan will Build its first Indigenous ‘Landing Platform Dock’ Warship

The ROCN LPDs will support amphibious operations and transport tanks and other military equipment.


Taiwan's Energy Bureau to Include Cinemas in AC Standard Temperature

A trial program that will require movie theaters in Taiwan to follow a minimum air conditioning temperature will soon roll out sometime in May that will be expected to turn into a permanent legal regulation in 2018


Taiwan Approves Ban of Killing Cats and Dogs for Human Consumption

Dogs are barking and cats are meowing happily with this new amendment in Taiwan.

More coming

Taiwan’s Indigenous Submarine Building Program still Needs Imported Technologies

ROCN only operates two, 30-year old Chien Lung-class SSKs as its front line submarines.

Not ready for Taiwan

Xi Adamant about Invading Taiwan by the 2020s but …

In mid-2015, China took the extraordinary step of ordering Chinese shipbuilders to ensure new civilian ships can be operated by the PLAN.

Taiwan is locally building its own submarines to counter China.

Taiwan to Build Own Submarines to Counter China

Taiwan is heading the indigenous route after it failed to secure eight US submarines following over a decade of negotiation as suppliers steered clear any agreement that could anger China. Local shipbuilder CSBC Corporation said on Tuesday that the homegrown submarines could be finished within eight years and enter into service within a decade.

Hawk Missiles Desplayed In Seoul Museum

China's DF-16 Ballistic Missiles Target Taiwan: Minister

China has positioned an arsenal of missiles within strike range to US army bases as its army heads prepare for "military hard power." People's Liberation Army (PLA)'s army bosses are reported targeting the firepower at Taiwan as part of a growing military threat to the island, the Daily Star reported.

Hello, Taiwan

Taiwan Doesn’t Need THAAD, Claims Defense Minister and US Think Tank

THAAD might now be a suitable defensive system for Taiwan.

On Taiwan's wish list

Taiwan Prepared to Build its Own Aircraft Carrier to Scare-off China

Taiwan, however, has the technology and the money to build the LHD.

PLA destroyer

Taiwan Admits it has Missiles that can Destroy PLA Invasion Bases on Mainland China

"We do have the capability and we are continuing to reinforce such capability," said Gen. Chiang.

Hunter of PLAN subs

Two ex-US Navy Frigates Boost Taiwan’s Anti-Submarine Warfare Capability vs. China

Among the equipment on both warships is the AN/SQR-19 Multi-Function Towed Array Sonar (TACTAS) use for hunting down submarines.


Taiwan Dead Set on Buying F-35 Stealth Jets from the US to Defeat Chinese Invasion

The stealth fighters will be vital in adding more muscle to Taiwan's strategy of "double-level deterrence."

Chinese Armaments On Display At Museum

Taiwan Claims its Missiles Could Strike Mainland China

Taiwan, for the first time, publicly claimed that it is capable of launching missiles that will hit China, Feng Shih-kuan, Minister of National Defense, said while delivering a four-yearly report to parliament on Thursday.

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