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Arthur Dominic Villasanta


Postponement of First Sea Tests for US Navy Railgun Likely

The railgun would have fired GPS-guided hyper velocity projectiles (HVPs) each weighing 44 lbs.


New Russian Navy Frigate Admiral Gorshkov Puts to Sea for Live Fire Trials

Rogozin said the trials of the Admiral Gorshkov are complex.

Cluster munitions carrier

New South Korean Cruise Missile was Built to Destroy North Korea Ballistic Missile Sites

Haeseong II will be deployed aboard in 2019 aboard the new Incheon-class next generation frigates of the ROKN and on its destroyers.

More accurate

F-35s can now Hit Moving Targets with Smart Bombs

The GBU-49 has what's called a "lead-laser capability."


US Navy Next Generation Jammer Threatens to Blind China’s A2/AD Network in South China Sea

Airborne AESA radars are more difficult to detect by enemy EW systems.


Extremely Rugged MPT-76 Battle Rifle Enters Service with Turkish Armed Forces

This MPT-76 fires the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge out to an effective distance of 600 meters.


US Air Force to Test 120 kW Combat Laser on AC-130J Gunship

This powerful weapon will be used to destroy anti-aircraft missiles, boats, cars, and aircraft (including aerial drones).

The future?

World’s First Electric VTOL Flying Car Successfully Completes First Flight

The Eagle prototype executed a range of complex maneuvers.

Waiting for more

China Plans to Build Fleet of Six Aircraft Carriers

China will also build about 10 naval bases for the six aircraft carriers.


Powered ‘ASYA’ Exoskeleton will make for Tougher Turkish Soldiers

The Turkish Armed Forces expects ASYA to enhance the mobility of its combat infantry and the Special Forces Command.


Russia Pouring Troops and Armored Fighting Vehicles to its Border with North Korea

The build-up of troops and equipment has apparently been going on for about a week.

Preparing for North Korea

China Places Air Force on ‘High Alert’ in the Event of Conflict in North Korea

There's also the assessment this state of readiness might also be directed against the U.S.


Entire US B-52H Bomber Fleet to Carry More Precision-Guided Munitions

The project outfitting the B-52H with J-series precision guided weapons should be completed by 2022.

Soon Taiwan

Taiwan will Build its first Indigenous ‘Landing Platform Dock’ Warship

The ROCN LPDs will support amphibious operations and transport tanks and other military equipment.

To Saudi Arabia

Pakistan Army Set to Deploy 5,000 Men to Protect Saudi Arabia from Houthis

Gen. Raheel Sharif, retired Chief of Army Staff (COAS) of the Pakistan Army, now leads the IMA as its first Commander-in-Chief.

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