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Arthur Dominic Villasanta

 Power projection

China’s Navy to Expand Overseas Presence; Contain US Navy in Asia

PLAN will also enhance its capabilities for strategic deterrence and counterattack.

New version

New MIT System can 3D Print Entire Buildings Here and on Mars

Ultimately, this approach will enable the design and construction of new kinds of buildings that wouldn't be possible with traditional building methods.

Low production

Russian Government Steps-in to Speed-up Production of Delayed T-14 Armata

"Our task after we obtain control over the plant," said Sergey Abamov, Rostec weapons cluster director.

Second aircraft carrier

China’s Newly Launched Second Aircraft Carrier will be Named CNS Shandong

Chinese president Xi Jinping, however, was absent at the launching of the Shandong.

Big seller

Nearly Half of Russia’s Arms Sales Accounted for by Aircraft Engines and Spare Parts

Because Russia is short of cash on account of crippling Western economic customers, "Russia is ready to offer foreign customers flexible schemes of settlements," he said.


China Forms Integrated Group Armies to Fight its Future Wars

The change in designation is significant because in the past PLAGF Group Armies only included PLAGF units.

In Korea

SEAL Team Six Nuclear Submarine now in South Korea to ‘Foster Outstanding Relations’

Michigan is one of the navy's four missile and special operations submarines converted from Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines.

Hello, Pakistan

Putin Says Syrian Civil War Boosting Russia’s Arms Sales Worldwide

"This opportunity for gaining a firmer foothold on the world market of armaments should not to be missed."

More coming

Famous Indian Air Force Fighter Squadron Receives Su-30MKI Long-Range Fighter Jet

The Su-30MKI will remain the backbone of the IAF's fighter fleet well beyond 2020.

Nuclear torpedoes

Russia’s ‘Belgorod’ Nuclear Sub will be World’s Largest; will carry World’s Largest Nuclear Torpedo

Kanyon will be used to destroy U.S. Navy submarine bases.


Saudi Arabian Prince and F-15 Fighter Pilot named Ambassador to the United States

Prince Khaled took his flying lessons at the U.S. Air Force's Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi.


Russian Arms Exports Remain Weak Despite Mounting World Conflicts

Russian arms exports have remained flat since 2014.


Threats posed by Russia, China, Islamic Terrorism Fuel Boost in World Military Spending in 2016

The United States, China and Russia were the world top three military spenders in 2016.

More warships

India, South Korea Boosting Warship Building Programs for Indian Navy

Other Indian firms are also cooperating with South Korean shipbuilders to supply warships for the Indian Navy.


Production of US Long Range Discrimination Radar to Begin this Year

LRDR will be the backbone of America's future anti-ballistic missile defense.

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