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China’s Manufacturing PMI Expands in February.

China’s Manufacturing Sector on a roll, February PMI Beats Analyst’s Expectations

The Chinese economy has made yet another case for economic recovery as factory activities in the month of February continued its strong growth, according to the official and private data released simultaneously on Wednesday.

China and Russia Vetoes Syria Resolution.

China and Russia Rescue Syria Against UN Sanctions

China and Russia jointly vetoed a United Nation (UN) resolution that sought to impose tough sanctions on Syria for allegedly using chemical weapons during its war against Insurgents that began in 2011.

China holds Massive Anti-terror Rally in Xinjiang.

China Again Holds Massive Anti-terror Rally in Muslim Majority Xinjiang Province

Chinese authorities are going all out to rein over insurgent activities in the troubled Xinjiang province as it holds another massive anti-terror rally in the capital city of Urumqi city.

China's coal consumption declines.

China Consumed Less Coal for Third Year in a row: Report

China's coal consumption declined for the third consecutive year in 2016 in yet another sign that the world's most populous nation is getting serious on its fight against air pollution. The decades of overdependence on coal has made China one of the highest emitters of carbon dioxide and also one of the worst air polluters in the world.

North Korea’s top Diplomat Arrives in China.

North Korea’s top Diplomat Arrives in China Amid Coal Import ban: Report

North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Ri Kil Song arrived in Beijing on Tuesday to hold possible talks on the coal import ban imposed as a retaliatory measure by China last week, after the isolated communist state carried out its latest missile test earlier this month.

China and Singapore Sign Four Key Agreements.

China and Singapore Overlook Recent Strains, Sign Four key Agreements

China and Singapore on Monday tried to mend recent strains in their bilateral relationship by signing host of agreements during the 13th Joint Council for Bilateral Cooperation (JCBC) meeting.

Lotte Group Defies China's Warning over THAAD.

Lotte Offers Golf Course to South Korea for THAAD; Defies China’s Warning

South Korea's Lotte Group on Monday defied Chinese government's recent warnings as it agreed to trade away a large part of its land to the South Korean government for deploying THAAD missile.

IMAX China Signs 30-Theatre Deal with Bona Film Group.

IMAX China Signs 30-Theatre Deal With Distribution Firm Bona Film Group

IMAX Corp's subsidiary company IMAX China Holding on Monday signed a 30-theater deal with Chinese film studio and distributor Bona Film Group, making the distribution company one of IMAX'S top five exhibitor partners in China.

Yang Jiechi will Visit U.S This Week.

Top Chinese Diplomat Will Visit U.S. to Mend Ties With Trump Administration: Report

China is sending a high-ranking diplomat to the U.S. this week, marking yet another rapprochement between the two powerful countries following strains in their relationship over the past couple of months.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Debuts in China.

'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' Makes Record-Breaking Debut in China

The Milla Jovovich starring zombie film "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" has made a record breaking debut at the Chinese box office with a $33 million haul on the first day of its release. The grand debut has officially given the movie the prestigious title of being the third-largest Hollywood debut ever in China, followed by Universal studio's "Furious 7" and Legendary studio's "Warcraft."

Singapore and China to Resume top-level Bilateral Meeting.

Singapore and China to Resume Top-Level Bilateral Forum Next Week

Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean will start a three day official visit to China from Sunday for participating in the 13th Joint Council for Bilateral Cooperation (JCBC) meeting

China Becomes Germany's Biggest Trading Partner.

China Dislodges U.S. to Become Germany’s Most Valuable Trading Partner: Report

China for the first time has overtaken the U.S to emerge as Germany's most valuable trading partner in 2016, according to the latest data released by the German government. The critical data comes at a time when Germany is trying to forge deep trading ties with Asian countries, especially in the wake of President Donald Trump's open support for trade protectionism.

Fire Explodes in Nanchang Hotel.

Major Fire Explosion Occurs in Nanchang Hotel, Many People Feared Trapped

A huge fire broke out at the luxury HNA Platinum Mix Hotel in China's Nanchang city on Saturday morning killing three people and leaving 14 people critically injured, Chinese state media reported. The casualties are likely to increase as several people are reportedly still trapped inside the hotel.

Southampton Club Targeted by new Chinese Consortium.

Southampton Club Targeted by new Chinese Consortium led By CITIC Securities & Amer International

A Chinese consortium led by CITIC Securities and Amer International has pitched $305 million offer to buy 100 percent stake in the Southampton club.

Guo Shuqing Appointed as New Banking Regulatory Chief.

Former Stock Market Honcho Guo Shuqing is new Banking Regulatory Chief

China on Friday named the former stock market regulator chief Guo Shuqing as the new head of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC). Guo's appointment is probably intended to send a clear signal to the market about the Chinese government seriousness to overhaul the country's financial system.

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