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New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays Kicks Off In Hamilton

Bulldozers Fight Against Each Other in Northern China

Bystanders at a province in northern China on Saturday witnessed a vehicle fight resembling the Transformers, only that these weren’t fictional, but real bulldozers fighting against each other on the streets.

F1 Grand Prix of China - Practice

Mob of College Students Beat Up Man Mistaken for a Burglar

A huge group of college students gathered to beat up a man who was mistaken for a burglar.

China Begins Annual College Entrance Examination

Chinese Teacher Removed From Teaching Position Due to Alcohol-Drinking Test

While asking students to consume alcohol for grades is something that teachers should not teach their students, one Chinese teacher did -- and was removed from the teaching position.

German Court Bans Uber Service Nationwide

Chinese Car-hailing App Driver Shares Photos of Unsuspecting Passengers

A Chinese car-hailing app driver uploads photos of unsuspecting female passengers onto a social media website.

China Emissions

80% of China’s Groundwaters Unsafe for Consumption, Reports MWR

A study conducted on more than 2,100 of China’s rural wells or river basins found that 80 percent of China’s water is unsafe for human use and consumption.

First Anniversary Of Fatal High Speed Train Crash

Teen Takes Selfie Near Railroad Tracks, Gets Hit by Train

Tourists visiting a wide rose garden in south China were able to witness how a 19-year-old girl died while taking a selfie.

CNPC Buys Oil Company PetroKazakhstan

Driver Using Fake Car Plates Tries to Escape Police Inspection, Brings Policeman With Him

A Chinese man suspected of using a fake car plate to deceive people that he is a real taxi driver has been caught by the police and is now under criminal detention.

China Has World's Largest Number Of Netizens

Migrant Worker Couples’ 12-Year-Old Son Spent Nearly 30,000 on Virtual Gifts for Online Gaming Hosts

A 12-year-old boy left by his migrant worker parents reportedly spent thousands of his mother’s money on gifts given to online gaming hosts.

Jewish Couple Marry During Alternative Ceremony

Identical Chinese Couples Approach Doctors for a Slight Cosmetic Surgery to Help Their Marriage

Identification problems caused two pairs of couples - both grooms and brides were twins - to ask doctors from some cosmetic help.

Heavy Rainstorm Hits Shanghai

Pregnant Chinese Woman Faints and Falls Into Railings, Dies of Suffocation

A pregnant Chinese woman choked to death after her head got stuck in a roadside railing.

Villages Demolished to Make Way for Beijing Expansion

Over 100 Unsold Houses in Southern China Demolished by Developer

More than a hundred houses in southern China have been demolished after the property developer failed to sell them for almost a decade.

Marijuana Found in Yam Shipment in Miami

Chinese Man Tricked into Buying a 'Sacred Vegetable'

A man from southern China became the victim of a vegetable scammer, thinking that what he bought was a legitimate "sacred" vegetable.

Sentencing Of Gang Criminals In Sichuan Province

Chinese Man Hired to Kill Teenage Schoolgirl’s Lesbian Lover 16 Years Ago Returns to Stand Trial

A Chinese man who was hired 16 years ago to kill the lesbian lover of a teenage schoolgirl is now returning to face his trial in court following his arrest earlier this month.

Scenes Of Guizhou

Chinese Man Falls Into 60-Meter Deep Cave, Survives

A Chinese man survived emerged alive from an accidental fall into a 60-meter deep cave located in southern China on Tuesday.

Seaside Scenery Of Qinhuangdao In Northern China

Chinese Diners Pay High Price to Get ‘One Last Taste’ of Rare Fish

Diners in China are being forced to shell out a high price for a delicacy because of its growing rarity.

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