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Mysterious Methane Hot Spot

Scientists Try to Solve the Methane Hot Spot in the Four Corners of U.S.

The plume discovered over Four Corners raises the possibility large amounts of methane are escaping from the mines.

Chicxulub Dinosaur-Killer Asteroid

Scientists to Drill into Crater of Asteroid that Destroyed the Dinosaurs

Researchers plan to take the first offshore core samples from near the center of the impact crater caused by the nine mile-wide asteroid.

Map of Dark Matter

New Maps Show the Cosmic Scale of Dark Matter

The maps show clumps and voids of dark matter in a patch of sky covering around two million galaxies and features hundreds of millions of light years across.

The Sun

Yes, the Sun Also Has Seasons Like the Earth

The study explains how 'seasonal' changes could help researchers better understand variations in solar wind activity.

The dangerous oceans

Ocean Acidification to Blame for the Earth's Worst Mass Extinction

It caused up to 96 percent of all marine species and 70 percent of terrestrial vertebrate species to become extinct.

Puzzling warm blob of water

Mysterious 'Warm Blob' of Water Causes Weird Weather in the U.S.

All models point to the blob remaining through the end of this year.

HIV Antibodies

New Antibody Can Repress HIV for 28 Days

In an HIV infection there is an "arms race" between the body's immune system and its invaders.

Arctic Sea Ice

Melting Arctic Permafrost to Gradually Release Greenhouse Gas

Arctic permafrost is gradually melting because of global warming driven by human activities.


New Study Reveals Why Wasabi Makes Us Wince

Scientists at UCSF have revealed the 3D images of it on a molecular level.

Toxic algal blooms

Federal Agencies Join Forces to Design Early Warning System for Freshwater Toxic Algal Blooms

The project plans to share information with local authorities, and make it available to the public from web sites and mobile devices.


NASA and IBM Partner to Sponsor Worldwide Space Hackathon

The goal of the contest is also to simply encourage creative and entrepreneurial thinking and the joys of programming.

Galapagos tortoise

Scientists Reveal Tortoises Choose to Eat Invasive Plants

Researchers said they were surprised since large Galapagos tortoises can survive for a year without eating and drinking.


NASA Predicts Alien Life will be Discovered in 10 to 20 Years

NASA said recent findings may actually lead to finding life.

U.S. global warming map

Climate Change Beliefs in U.S. Depend on the State Where You Live

Collectively, 63 percent of Americans were found to believe global warming.

Hello again, Bronto

Brontosaurus Dinosaur Name Makes a Comeback

The fossils show enough skeletal differences from other specimens of Apatosaurus that they rightfully belong to a different genus.

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