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Marco Foronda

Eye into space

NASA Set to Launch Successor of the Hubble Space Telescope

The Webb will be more powerful than the Hubble ever was, and will be able to see even further into the Universe.

artificial photosynthesis

New Artificial Photosynthesis System Produces Sustainable Products from CO2

The newly discovered system has the capacity to convert the carbon dioxide into chemical products.


Doctors Reveal Three Ways to Protect Your Brain

Aging, in terms of the brain, can be affected by genetic factors, lifestyle and environmental factors.

Bouvier’s red colobus monkey

Experts Capture First-ever Photos of Rare Monkey That Was Believed to be Extinct

The rare primate shows signs of fear of humans, the reason why there are vulnerable to most bushmeat hunters.

Brittany Maynard with her dog, Charlie.

Researchers Reveal Why Dogs are Human’s Best Friend

Oxytocin is believed to lessen the stress and strengthen social relationships.

Undersea Explorers Capture Rare Sperm Whale Encounter

What makes the encounter a unique one is the research team was broadcasting live when the whale approached.

No chin here

New Research Reveals Why Humans Have Chins

Compared with other human relatives like Neanderthals, modern Homo sapiens have particularly prominent chins.

Lake Turkana Kenya

Archaeologists Unearth the World's Oldest Tools in Kenya

The set of 20 stone flakes and anvils, found off the shores of Lake Turkana, appears to have been crafted more than 3.3 million years ago.


Divorce Leads to Higher Risk of Heart Disease in Women

Those who were divorced at some point had a higher heart attack risk than those who stayed married.


NASA's MESSENGER to Crash into Mercury on April 16

The spacecraft's cameras and other sophisticated, high-technology instruments have collected unprecedented images and made other observations


Two Telescopes Cooperate to Detect the Most Distant Planets

The discovery showcases how Spitzer can be used in solving the puzzle of how planets are distributed throughout our flat, spiral-shaped Milky Way galaxy.

Eat out

Frequent Dining Out Increases Risk of High Blood Pressure

Eating a single extra meal out every week raised the risks of pre-hypertension by at least six percent.


IBM and Apple Team-up to Provide Better Digital Health Data

IBM will use its Watson artificial intelligence system to provide users insights and advice based on personal health information.

Planetary defense

Small Solar Eruptions Cause Serious Damage to Planets Without Magnetospheres

The interplay between the Sun and Earth was crucial for making the planet livable.

Walk in space

NASA Releases Awesome Video of Spacewalk Taken by GoPro

It captures the awe and terror of a routine spacewalk with the help of a GoPro,

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