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China Waste

20M Tonnes Of Beijing Waste To Be Recycled Through Resource Recycling Project

The battle against industrial waste is about to get serious as six provincial regions have vowed to carry out a resource recycling project that will target the waste surrounding Beijing.

Jumping Mouse

China Jumping Mouse: Xinjiang Man Finds Rare Three-Toed Jerboa

When the cat is away, the mouse will play. Luckily, someone found the more often than not elusive jumping mouse when it made an appearance in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Chinese Kids

High Temperatures Scorch Xinjiang Areas; Record As High As 47 Degrees Celsius

The temperatures in Xinjiang are unstoppable as they continue to lift the mercury to unbearable degrees. This Saturday, local media reported that certain areas of Xinjiang continue to be scorched by the heat wave and the temperatures are expected not to go down anytime sooner.


Chinese Space Scientists Launching Retrievable Satellite In 2016

Chinese space scientists are planning something big for the following year. On Thursday, they announced that they are launching a satellite in space in the first half of 2016.


China Rainstorms Kills 6, Continue Horrifying Downpour

The rainstorms in China continue to spread their horrifying downpour as death toll reached six Friday. According to authorities, the heavy rains have devastated several provinces, causing crops to die, houses to collapse and highways to become too risky to drive over.

Heat Wave

Xinjiang Heat Wave ‘Sizzles’ Skin Of Residents

Xinjiang continues to suffer from the ongoing heat wave plaguing northwest China’s autonomous region. For several weeks now, the area has won the title for the hottest place in China, and residents are already voicing out the suffering they are going through amid the heat wave.

Cocaine Addiction

Chinese Scientists May Have Found Solution To Cocaine Addiction

Chinese scientists are now claiming that they have found a really powerful mechanism that can inhibit and or totally switch off an individual’s addiction to cocaine.

Man On The Moon

Neil Armstrong Spacesuit To Be Rescued By Smithsonian Kickstarter

A rescue operation for Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit — this is Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum’s latest project. Smithsonian’s Kickstarter primarily aims to preserve the spacesuit Armstrong used when he first landed on the moon.

Vatican City

Vatican City Venue For Mayors, Governors To Approve Pope Francis Call For Climate Change Action

Vatican City is the center of attention this week as mayors and governors from all over the world flocked the city to show their approval of Pope Francis’ campaign against climate change. This is said to be the first ever global meeting against climate change.


World's Highest Temp Recorded Ahead Of UN Summit

Global warming is real. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has said in a new report that the living planet has actually gotten hotter compared to previously documented temperatures in the 20th century.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, Yuri Milner Spend Millions In Space Quest For Alien Life

Stephen Hawking is just as interested in alien life as all of us. But the British theoretical physicist has got way more enthusiasm (and money) than all of us that he decided to fund a search mission for extraterrestrial life. And the budget he has allotted for this is a whopping $100 million.

Rain in Beijing

Beijing Gets Yellow Alert For Rainstorms Following Heat Wave

Following the heat wave that warmed China’s capital city, authorities have announced on Friday, July 17, that the city is on a yellow alert for rainstorms that made heavy downpour starting Thursday evening.


Only 10% Of Shanghai Waterways Are In Good Quality, Local Environmental Authority Says

An alarming finding was revealed by Shanghai’s local environmental authority this week, stating that only 10 percent of China’s biggest city are functioning well while approximately 65 percent are so polluted they are not doing well at all.

Air Pollution

Carbon Capture: A Panacea For Catastrophic Climate Change?

Is there really a remedy to the unavoidable catastrophic effects of climate change? Perhaps there is now after scientists announced their plan of creating a device with carbon capture technology or the mechanism that literally sucks carbon dioxide out of the earth’s atmosphere.

Human Hands

Human Hands Are Anatomically Primitive — Study

Human hands are much, much older than you think. According to a new study, this part of the human body has not evolved for the past 6 million years. Even if the hands did, their anatomical evolution is so little, no one would doubt that they didn’t change at all.

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