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China utters Sino-British relation will boosts partnership with Western countries

China-British Relation Signals Better Partnership with Western Countries.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi described the recent negotiations between China and London as "bright spot" over the past years, hoping this move will inspire other Western countries to do the same with its favorable relationship with China.


Mojin: The Lost Legend Grosses $92 Million in Just 3 Days

Poised to be one of the highest grossing movie in China, locally produced Mojin: The Lost Legend grossed $92 million during its release this past weekend. The instant blockbuster was directed by Wuershan and stars a cast of A-list Chinese actors.

China's Family Planning in 2016

China's Two-Child Policy Expected to Become Law in January

Chinese couples will now be encouraged to have two children, according to a draft statement on China's national law on population and family planning proposed to the country's top legislature.

Lawmakers Propose Open Care Market for Seniors

Chinese Lawmakers Mull Plan to Open Market for Elder Care Services

Lawmakers in China have proposed to fully open elderly care market in order to meet the vast demand of their senior citizens.

Chinese Students

China Discourages International School Programs That Promote Western Values

In a bid to protect Chinese culture and traditions, China is blocking international programs that prepare students for overseas study. Following this directive, in Beijing No.4 High School, the international program has been seperated from the public school course. Pundits say the move would discourage students looking to further their education abroad.

Kit Chan - I am a Singer 3

Kit Chan Wins Big Beyond 'I Am a Singer 3'

Singer Kit Chan has practically won twice despite being eliminated from China's reality TV show "I Am A Singer 3."

UN Security Council Meets On Continuing Aid Crisis In Syria

China to Initiate Peace Talks with Syrian Government and Opposition

China is set to invite members of the Syrian government and opposition members to Beijing for talks aimed at ending the civil war in the country. The initiative is due to the apparent lack of progess from the current talks. China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi addressed the Chinese media after attending the Third Foreign Ministers' meeting of the International Syria Support Group in New York last week.


Global Warming Affects Temperature of World's Lakes, Study Says

NASA and National Science Foundation-funded study indicate that climate change is threatening freshwater supplies and ecosystems by continuously warming lakes around the world. Data taken from satellites and ground activities shows that the temperature of 235 lakes around the globe has dramatically changed over the past 25 years.


Amazon China Reveals China's Well-Read Cities

Amazon China's book sales have been released for this year and it came with some surprises: third or second-tier cities located in the south of China made the majority of the top ten list.


Copyright Bill May Limit Hong Kongers' Freedom of Expression

Hong Kong netizens would normally be familiar to one another by their aliases, sharing their thoughts through digital memes, but on Wednesday night, they stopped guessing through social media and instead assemble for a rally outside Hong Kong's Legislative Council to express dissatisfaction over the new bill that may limit their freedom of expression.

Chinese Smog

Beijing Smog Returns, Intensity Less Than Expected

Beijing authorities prepared citizens for four days of suffocating smog beginning on Saturday. However, many say the haze was less intense than what was forecasted. Some even questioned why the government had issued its highest air pollution alert.

Chinese fisherman caught poaching

BBC: Chinese Fishermen Ravage Coral Reefs in Disputed Waters

China continues its mission to take control of the highly-contested South China Sea area, leaving in its wake some completely destroyed underwater surroundings. In the area near the Filipino military-controlled spot, Chinese sea pokers are reportedly destroying reefs for all the corals and clams they can transport, making the once vibrant coral reefs into a desert under territories claimed by neighboring countries.

Two boys from Thailand

Australian Pedophile Found Teaching Children in Asia

Convicted child rapist and registered sex offender Peter Walbran was caught by authorities living in one of Thailand's rural areas, teaching children ages 12-17. The 59-year old Australian pedophile had been convicted of committing terrible sexual acts on children as young as eight on the Indonesian island of Lombok in 2012.

Disciplined Peace

Philippines' Most Popular Presidential Candidate is a Self-Proclaimed Dictator

Philippine presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte has openly announced several times that if he wins the presidency in the 2016 elections, he will place the entire Philippines under dictatorship. This may be the only time in history that a presidential candidate is asking the people to vote for him so he can place them under a forced rule. He also mentioned that he would place the entire country under curfew in an interview on radio DZMM.

Orphaned Elephant

Elephant Ivory Price Drops; Sign of Waning Chinese Demand?

Recent reports indicate that demand for illegal ivory may have dwindled in the past year and a half. According to a study by group Save the Elephants, the current lower price of ivory may be a signal of its waning demand. This is a good sign in the fight against elephant poaching and illegal ivory trade.

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