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Chinese fishermen

Nanjing Fishermen Catches Hundred-Year Old ‘Pearly’ Soft-shelled Turtle

A rare giant soft-shelled turtle with pearl-like growths over its shell has been captured by fishermen in eastern China, according to local newspapers. The turtle, whose kind is not commonly found in the area, is currently unharmed and is being cared for by a restaurant owner.

Panda Caretaker Eats Endangered Birds

Panda Caretaker Under Investigation for Eating Endangered Birds

A caretaker at a Giant Panda protection centre in southern China is being investigated for killing and eating endangered birds.The Chinese government is known to strictly enforce wildlife conservation laws.

China Anti-Corruption Crackdown

China Unicom's Shares Plummet as Chairman Chang Xiaobing is Investigted for Corruption

Chang Xiaobing, the chairman of China's largest state-owned mobile operator, China Unicom, is being investigated by for corruption by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI). The shares of China Unicom plummeted to HK$3.62 ($0.47) from HK$3.73 on Hong Kong's bourse after the news was made public.

Chinese fans as Stormtroopers

Chinese Stormtroopers 'Attack' Star Wars Premiere in China

Chinese Star Wars fans watched the premiere night of the seventh installment of the Star Wars franchise wearing Stormtrooper costumes in Shanghai on Dec. 27.

Mobile Internet Pornographic App

Chinese Authorities Crackdown on Circulation of Pornographic Materials Online

China's Anti-Pornography and Anti-Illegal Publications Office has released its findings on ways pornography is distributed in the Chinese online marketplace via mobile apps. The agency previously targeted only websites and other media, but now it is focusing on smartphone applications.

shipping firms

China Penalizes Global Shipping Firms for Price Manipulation

Chinese authorities have penalized several shipping companies for price fixing after a year-long investigation. Among the companies found guilty of violating China's 2008 anti-monopoly law are Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha and Eastern Car Liner, Japan's Mitsui OSK Lines, South Korea's Eukor Car Carriers, Chile's Cia Sud Americana de Vapores and Norway's Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics.

Shanghai Business District at night

Guotai Junan International: Stock Prices Rise After Yim Fung's Return

After being missing for more than a month, Guotai Junan International Chief Executive Yim Fung is back at work and has re-envigorated the company with a significant surge in share prices.

Nuclear Power Plant

China Taking Major Steps to Develop Nuclear Power

The National Development and Reform Commission has expressed its intent to raise China's electricity production via nuclear power from the current 2% to 6% by 2020.

Xi Jinping calls for healthy Sino-Vietnamese relations

President Xi Calls for Healthy Sino-Vietnamese Relations

Aiming to promote stability and cooperation in the region, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday called for healthy relations between China and Vietnam during a meeting with Chairman of Vietnamese National Assembly Nguyen Sinh Hung in Beijing. The initiative is a welcome development as tension continues to spiral in Southeast Asia over contested maritime territories.

 SpaceX rocket Falcon 9 sits on Pad 40 of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Titusville, Florida.

SpaceX Booster Lands Safely Back to Earth

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket took off from Florida on Monday with a cargo of communications satellites and landed safely after returning back to Cape Canaveral.

China Slams U.S. Double Standards On Terrorism

China Rejects U.S. Criticism of Drafted Terrorism Law

China has rejected U.S. criticisms against its recently drafted law on terrorism and urged Washington to refrain from applying "double standards" in fighting terrorism.

Young Genius Girl

Genius Girl Yan Jiashuo Becomes Youngest Winner of Grand Master of Memory

An amazing 10-year old girl from Jinan, China, has overcome her competitors at the 24th World Mental Capacity Tournament in Chengdu, setting all-new records in the process. Yan Jiashuo has been awarded the Grand Master of Memory because of her performance.

Christmas Miracle

'Christmas Miracle' Chinese Investors Release $770 Million to Long Run Exploration Ltd.

Long Run Exploration Ltd. has found a buyer for all of its oil and gas possesion in Northern Alberta. Chinese investors agreed to pay $770 million for everything. The investors are set to pay a 215 per cent premium on the company's share price of 16 cents, with a cash consideration of $100 million and also assumed debt total consideration of $770 million.

China US

China, US Join Forces in Hunt for 5 Most Wanted Fugitives

China is working with the US to apprehend five wanted fugitives who are hiding in the country.

New Type Of Rock Discovered In The Moon

Chinese Lunar Lander Discovers New Type of Rock on the Moon

A new kind of rock has been discovered on the moon by Chinese scientists. A remote-controlled Chinese lunar lander, launched back in 2013, has explored the moon's mare lava flows and identified mineral composition uniquely different from what was collected by previous astronauts.

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