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Aircraft carrier

USS Stennis Conducts Operations in Philippine Sea

China's Third, Fourth Aircraft Carriers in the Pipeline: What to Expect

China will not stop from constructing aircraft carriers even though it recently launched its second carrier, experts suggested, saying the new Type 001A is just the beginning of Beijing as a maritime power.

India is more threatened with China's expanding naval footprints in the Indian Ocean that Beijing's new aircraft carrier.

India not Threatened With China's new Aircraft Carrier but Growing Presence in the Indian Ocean

India is not disconcerted on the recent launch of China's first indigenous aircraft carrier, saying it will take Beijing at least five years to make the warship capable of being deployed as an offensive weapon. What alarms New Delhi most is the rapid expansion of China's long-range naval deployments by the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), The Economic Times reported.

Second aircraft carrier

China’s Newly Launched Second Aircraft Carrier will be Named CNS Shandong

Chinese president Xi Jinping, however, was absent at the launching of the Shandong.

Aircraft Carrier

China's First Homegrown Aircraft Carrier Moves to Dry Dock; Launch Date is Imminent

China's first homegrown aircraft carrier has been floated to a dry dock, signaling that its official launch is fast approaching.

Show me the money!

Russians Plan to Build ‘Shtorm,’ World’s Largest Aircraft Carrier

The aircraft complement will consist of Mikoyan MiG-29K carrier-based fighter jets and the naval version of the Sukhoi T-50 stealth jet.


China's Third Aircraft Carrier Could be Nuclear-Powered, Experts Say

With China's second aircraft carrier coming on the pipeline, experts are predicting what possible cutting-edge breakthroughs are there to await for China's third aircraft carrier.

Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson

China's First Homegrow Aircraft Carrier Eyes April Launch

China's first homegrown aircraft carrier has entered the final stage of construction, and the country's defense ministry hinted that it could be commissioned next month.

China's second Type-001A aircraft carrier, named Shandong, is planned to be launch in the coming weeks.

China's Homegrown Aircraft Carrier Shandong Nears Completion

China's very first home-grown aircraft carrier Shandong is expected to be launched in the next few weeks, China's Ministry of Defense revealed on Tuesday.

On patrol

US Aircraft Carrier Starts South China Sea 'Routine' Patrol Amid Beijing's Warning

US aircraft carrier strike USS Carl Vinson, with a fleet of supporting warships, started patrolling in the South China Sea despite growing tension with China over the disputed waterway.


Russian Navy Ponders Fate after Decommissioning of Carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov

Nothing has been heard of this refit from state controlled media since then.

China Refits Aircraft Carrier

China's Second Aircraft Carrier 'Shangdong' is Taking Shape

China is making progress with the production of its second aircraft carrier, UPI reported, showing photos of the vessel's ongoing construction in the port city of Dalian.

Almost complete.

Construction of CNS Shandong, China’s Second Aircraft Carrier, on Track for 2020 Launch

Shandong will become the flagship of both the North Sea Fleet and the East Sea Fleet of the PLAN.

Land based navy

Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov no Longer Launching Air Strikes after Complete Failure of Landing System

Western reconnaissance photos show the carrier's Sukhoi and MiG jets parked alongside other jets belonging to the Russian Air Force.

Waiting for more

China’s Lone Aircraft Carrier ‘Liaoning’ Described as a ‘Floating College’ and not a Warship

PLAN considers Liaoning a training ship designed to train a cadre of aircraft carrier crew and pilots.

War ready?

Communist Party of China Declares Aircraft Carrier ‘Liaoning’ Ready for War

The 60,000 ton Liaoning remains beset by a host of problems.

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