Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Arctic Circle


Canada to Boost Military Spending by 73% in the Face of US Unreliability

The new funding will see Canada's military spending rise from about 1.2% of the GDP to about 1.4%.


US Coast Guard to Build New Missile Ships to Counter Russia

The battle for dominance in the now more accessible Arctic Circle is leading to an "Arctic Arms Race."


Russia Planning Submarine with Huge ‘Wings’; Another is World’s Largest

The wing structures allow the winged submarine to image its surroundings in all directions.


US, Russia Arming their Icebreakers as War in the Arctic Looms

He noted the Russian coast guard has 40 icebreakers.

To the Arctic

Russia to Reveal Missiles and Weapons that can Fight in the Arctic at May 9 Victory Day Parade

Russia is militarizing the Arctic Circle.

Novaya Zemlya

Russia Building Anti-Stealth Radar System, its Fourth, in the Arctic

Podsolnukh E is a coast-horizon shortwave short-range radar system.

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