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Arctic region

Researchers led by Asa Rennermalm of Rutgers University and including the University of Georgia's Thomas Mote measure meltwater runoff from the ice sheet margin in Greenland during summer 2013.

Greenland is Melting Faster Due to Reversed Arctic Winds

A new study measured last year's ice sheet melting in Greenland, revealing rapid melting caused by reversed jet streams reaching the Arctic.

The Arctic red knot is now shrinking in size due to warmer temperatures.

This Arctic Bird is Literally Shrinking Due to Climate Change

New findings reveal the shrinking size of the Arctic red knot, suggesting that smaller birds have a lower survival rate.

Average temperature from October 2014-September 2015 compared to the 1981-2010 average (top). Annual temperatures for the Arctic compared to the whole globe since 1900 (bottom).

Arctic is Hottest Ever Since 1900

Scientists reveal how the Arctic region's temperature is considerably warming, reaching the hottest record temperatures since records began.

A tropical fossil tree forest was uncovered in Svalbard, Norway.

Tropical Forest in Arctic Region? Ancient Fossilized Forest Found in Norway

A fossilized tropical forest was discovered in the Arctic region in Svalbard, Norway, indicating that these trees are pivotal in a massive reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, millions of years ago.


Two Missing Dutch Arctic Explorers Likely Drown in Arctic

However, the researchers’ equipment and a sled dog named Kinmik were spotted in the vicinity of the beacon, near a hole in the ice.

Arctic Sea Ice

Melting Arctic Permafrost to Gradually Release Greenhouse Gas

Arctic permafrost is gradually melting because of global warming driven by human activities.

Polar Bear

Scientists Say Land Food isn't Good for Polar Bears

Polar bears are not "physiologically suited" to ingest plants, especially in large enough quantities.

Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic Sea Ice Melting Faster; Hits All Time Record Low This Winter

The Arctic ice has significantly become thinner by 65 percent from 1975 to 2012.


2014 is the Hottest Year in History--So Far

NASA scientists believe warming oceans did play a major role in increasing global temperatures.

Polar Bear

Polar Bears are Slowly Migrating to Canada

The shift is occurring in a gradual and subtle way

Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic Heating-up Faster Than Expected

Autumn and early winter are warmer all over the Arctic region compared to the same period from the last 20 years of the 20th century.

Polar Bear

Polar Bears Find Mates by Leaving Scents from Their Footprints

Leaving a scent will help polar bears to find their perfect match.

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