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Vera Rubin

Dark Matter Pioneer Vera Rubin Dies at 88

World-renowned scientist Vera Rubin passed away on Dec. 25 at the age of 88 at an assisted living facility in Princeton, New Jersey.

Montage taken from NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft of Saturn and its moons.

Watch the Skies for Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and Their Moons This June

This month, the solar system will parade its planets in our skies as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and their moons will be visible this June.

A unique glimpse of the Earth rising above the moon's lunar surface

Don't Miss NASA's Stunning Photos of Earth Above the Moon

From the white swirls of clouds, the azure sky, ocean radiating sapphire to the nearly liquid lunar surface... Who would dare miss to see NASA's newly released photos of the Earth?


World’s Strongest Telescope Construction Faces Legal Woes

The assembly of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), a $1.4 billion observatory that is expected to exceed the Hubble Telescope's power by twelvefold, has been suspended after the Supreme Court of Hawaii voided its construction permit.

black hole

Startling Discovery Challenges Black Hole Emission Theory

Astronomers from China have been taken aback by a discovery that could fundamentally change theory of how black holes form and project jets of matter.

Palomar Observatory Telescope

NASA’s Space Telescope To Be The Largest Telescope Ever Created

NASA astronomers are already planning their biggest project to collect more information about the many celestial bodies in the outer space. As per a new proposal by the American astronomers, they have outlined their plan of building the biggest telescope ever created in the entire history of astronomy — the High-Definition Space Telescope.

Astrophysicists Capture Planets’ Weather Forecast

Astrophysicists have found proof of the weather condition in the nearby planets using the NASA’s Kepler space telescope. The team focuses in creating weather forecast based on the different phase of the planets that are reflected from their source light.

Galaxy EGS-zs8-1

The Most Distant Galaxy Discovered

Astronomers discovered the most distant galaxy, which formed 13.1 billion years ago.

Square Kilometre Array (SKA)


New software will help astronomers interpret millions of data coming from the Sqaure Kilometer Telescope (SKA).

Twin Towers?

There are 'Twin Towers' Made by Aliens on the Moon

"There are a lot of alien artifacts on the moon".

Eta Carinae

NASA Releases 3D Models of Explosive Dual-Star Eta Carinae

Dual-star system Eta Carinae might explode into a great supernova.

Full Moon could Outshine Comet Lovejoy at its Brightest

The New Year's comet is expected to burn brightest on January 7.

The Magi

Astronomers Explain the Star of Bethlehem

What was the Star of Bethlehem?


Contest Gives Public Opportunity to Name Exoplanets

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) will conduct a worldwide contest giving the public the opportunity to choose the name of up to 30 exoplanets.

Stonehenge during the autumnal equinox

First Day of Fall Finds Day and Night Created Equal

Astronomers, and their fellow travelers, declared the precise moment of the fall equinox this year was around 10:29 p.m EDT. That was the time the sun shone directly on the equator heading south into the night.

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