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BAE Systems

10 rpm

US Navy Moves Closer to Perfecting Railguns that Fire 10 Rounds per Minute

Firing 10 rounds a minute requires 20 megawatts of power.


Postponement of First Sea Tests for US Navy Railgun Likely

The railgun would have fired GPS-guided hyper velocity projectiles (HVPs) each weighing 44 lbs.


US Navy Tests British-made Railgun for its Warships

It can also fire special hypervelocity projectiles (HVPs) out to 185 km at Mach 6 (7,400 km/h).

No to attack jet

India Rejects British Advanced Hawk Trainer/Attack Jet after Bribery Allegations

"We will not make any formal request for the Advanced Hawk to HAL, and the program will be officially shelved."


US Army to Begin Testing Huge AMPV 'Battle Taxi' for Future Blitzkriegs

AMPVs are to move as rapidly as M1s and Bradleys in an armored brigade combat team.

ACV 1.1

US Marines’ New Amphibious Combat Vehicle will be a Monster

A winner should be selected in 2018 to build 204 vehicles.

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