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Baidu and Hospital Face Lawsuit for Misleading Ad that Caused the Death of a Woman

Was it really false advertising?

Baidu To Open Second R&D Facility.

Baidu to Expand Footprint in Silcon Valley With Second R&D Facility

Baidu has once again made it clear that Artificial intelligence (AI) is among its top business priorities. China's Google clone announced on Friday that it would set up its second research and development (R&D) facility in the Silicon Valley to help the company get an edge in the AI sector.

Baidu Deep Voice can synthesize speech that will sound natural and realistic by itself.

Baidu Unveils Deep Voice that can Synthesize Human Speech Quickly

Baidu has been developing its own AI system for four years, unveiling recently the Deep Voice system that is faster more efficient compared to Google's WaveNet.

Baidu acquires both the products and 60 staff of Raven Tech.

Baidu Acquires AI Start-Up Raven Tech

Baidu has announced its acquisition of Beijing startup Raven Tech for its artificial intelligence advocacy.

Baidu's mobile healthcare unit was established in January 2015.

Baidu Stops Mobile Healthcare Unit to Focus On AI Services

Baidu Inc. has announced the shutdown of its two-year-old mobile healthcare business unit in exchange of artificial intelligence (AI) team.

Lu had stepped down from Microsoft four months ago, citing health reasons.

Baidu Doubles down on AI, Hires Former Microsoft Executive Qi Lu

Baidu has taken its AI efforts to next level as it announced hiring former Microsoft executive Qi Lu as its new COO and group president. Lu had stepped down from Microsoft four months ago, citing health reasons.


Baidu Opens Augmented Reality Lab to Boost Its Fortunes

Baidu aims to pursue its augmented reality ambitions in 2017 as the company announced that it will open its brand new Augmented Reality lab in Beijing. With this step, the Chinese technology giant is looking to boost its bottom line with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

Baidu aims to work in improving advanced intelligence in traditional vehicles.

Baidu, China's BAIC Motor Develop Partnership for Driverless Cars

Baidu Inc.'s Intelligent Vehicle division and state-owned BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd. have announced a two-fold strategic partnership at CES 2017 in order to develop self-driving technology and expand the smart vehicle sector.

President-Elect Donald Trump And Vice President Elect Pence Hold Election Victory Rally In Ohio

China Hopes to Lure Silicon Valley Talents as Trump Tightens Immigration Laws

While US President-elect Donald Trump vowed to tighten immigration laws, China is attempting to gain from such move by luring Silicon Valley talents away from the US and into the mainland.

Baidu is making strong movements in AI segment.

Baidu Introduces AI Technology to Boost Cloud Usage

Chinese internet behemoth Baidu launched its new Artificial Intelligence platform. The announcement was made at an industry summit held in Beijing on Wednesday. The new platform is available for commercial users including businesses and developers. Baidu is looking to grow its foothold in cloud computing and big data segment.

Baidu Maps will extend to 106 new countries.

Baidu to Extend Mapping Service for Growing Chinese Tourists

Baidu has announced its massive expansion for its map service, adding 106 new countries on the list

Baidu and BMW confirmed they are cancelling their autonomous car testing collaboration in China and the US.

Baidu, BMW Call Off Autonomous Car Collaboration

Chinese search engine giant Baidu has called off its joint research partnership with German auto manufacturer BMW. The partnership involved testing of autonomous cars in China and the US. Baidu is now said to be looking for new research partners.

China's Baidu recently carried out public test drives of its driverless cars during the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen.

Baidu Tests Driverless Cars in Wuzhen

Chinese tech giant Baidu carried out a test run of its driverless cars in Wuzhen. The company is currently trialing a fleet of 18 such cars. The town is currently hosting World Internet Conference, a three-day long event. Baidu has made these cars available for use to delegates.

Tencent Pictures will support 21 title production and investment.

Tencent Pictures to Invest $295M for Hollywood Film Production

Tencent Pictures is planning to spend over $295 million on film production in China and Hollywood.

Baidu reported lower revenue than the corresponding quarter of the last year.

Chinese Search Engine Giant Baidu Posts First Revenue Drop

Baidu, the leading search engine company in China, has reported its financial results for the third quarter of the year.

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