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Tennessee Plan To Make Bible Official Book Meets Legal Dead-end

Lawmakers in Tennessee are divided on a plan to make the Bible the official book of the state.

Mummy Mask

Mummy Mask Reveals 1st Century Copy of Gospel of Mark

The gospel fragment was dated by examining the handwriting and carbon dating.

Bible Reading Inside Prison

Holy Drug! Bible Used to Smuggle Heroin into Prison

A Hamilton woman took advantage of the exemption given to religious materials to mail a Holy Bible to a male inmate at the Hamilton County Justice Center in Ohio in December to smuggle heroin.

glass fragment

Israelis Discover Ancient Jewelry Decorated with a Menorah

The significance of the symbol has something to do with its reference in Exodus 25 verses 31 through 33.

The Magi

Astronomers Explain the Star of Bethlehem

What was the Star of Bethlehem?

King Herod's Palace

Israeli Archaeologists Discover Entryway to King Herod's Palace

King Herod's entryway to his palace will be opened to the public.

Amish man

Court Reverses Ruling On Amish Beard And Hair Cutting Hate Crime Convictions

A Cincinnati appellate court overturned the hate-crime decision made in 2011 against 16 Amish defendants convicted for cutting the beards and hair of their fellow Amish.

Evolution of Man

Americans Believe in the Bible More than They do Science

Only 19 percent said they believe evolution occurred without God involved.

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