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Watch Emma Watson Sing in New 'Beauty and the Beast' Trailer

Frances Diana Roullo   | Jan 10, 2017 11:22 PM EST

A new trailer for “Beauty and Beast” gives fans their official taste in hearing and seeing Emma Watson belt out a reprise of Belle for the first time. read more

‘Beauty and the Beast’ Trailer, News and Update: Movie Teaser Tops ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ on First Day

Alexis Villarias   | May 27, 2016 11:02 AM EDT

The movie teaser for the live-action remake of the Disney animated classic has set a record after it was released on Monday. "Beauty and the Beast" became the most watched movie teaser in a 24-hour period, surpassing the record set by "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." read more

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