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Inexplicable Surge in Methane Emissions Imperils World’s Fight to Slow Climate Change

Dec 11, 2016 11:38 PM EST

The findings could give new global attention to methane, which is much less prevalent in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. read more

CO2 Transformed into Ethanol Fuel by Astounding Laboratory Accident

Arthur Dominic Villasanta   | Oct 21, 2016 05:51 AM EDT

The solution of CO2 dissolved in water turned into ethanol with a yield of 63 percent. read more

Scientists Aim to Forecast Eruptions by Better Detecting Volcanic Carbon Emissions

Arthur Dominic Villasanta   | Oct 08, 2016 10:45 AM EDT

"We're getting more and more confident that changes in the carbon to sulfur ratio precede eruptions." read more

Carbon Dioxide Levels in Antarctica Reach Highest Ever in 4 Million Years

Ana Verayo   | Jun 20, 2016 04:04 AM EDT

NOAA just revealed alarming carbon dioxide rates that already reached the Antarctic region, at 400 ppm, which is the highest ever in 4 million years. read more

World Carbon Dioxide Levels Jump to Record High in April despite Mitigation

Arthur Dominic Villasanta   | May 21, 2016 01:19 AM EDT

A separate NOAA report found April was the 12th consecutive warmest month on record for the Earth. read more

Tropical Forest in Arctic Region? Ancient Fossilized Forest Found in Norway

Ana Verayo   | Nov 23, 2015 06:50 AM EST

A fossilized tropical forest was discovered in the Arctic region in Svalbard, Norway, indicating that these trees are pivotal in a massive reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, millions of years ago. read more

El Nino Could Make 2016 the Hottest Year, But Europe Prepares for Colder Weather

Benjie Batanes   | Sep 15, 2015 07:37 AM EDT

British meteorologists announced on Monday that global warming could make 2016 the hottest year recorded for many countries around the world - except in Europe. Experts believe that the El Nino weather phenomenon is responsible for the heat wave, although greenhouse gasses being released in the atmosphere are also to blamed. read more

Climate Change Has A Big Impact On Pink Salmon Population – Study

Quadey Humile   | Jul 01, 2015 11:57 PM EDT

A Canadian study found that the disruption of seawater chemistry and the acidification of fresh water due to climate change pose negative impacts on fish and other marine life. read more

Good News, China’s CO2 Emissions Fell Ridiculously Low In Just Four Months; How Did China Do It?

Althea Serad   | May 16, 2015 08:50 AM EDT

A new analysis via the Greenpeace Energy Desk says that China’s carbon emissions may have fallen 5% in the first four months of 2015. As compared to last year, the country’s coal use reportedly fell almost 8 percent compared to the same period last year, in fact the reduction in emissions is so huge that it is measured to be approximately equal to the total carbon dioxide emissions of the U.K. over the same period. read more

Global Carbon Dioxide Tops the 400 PPM Mark; Climate Change Alert Issued

Aishwarya Bhatt   | May 11, 2015 06:16 AM EDT

For the very first time, the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide reached above 400 parts per million; 440 ppm was first recorded in the Arctic region in the year 2012. This level was also recorded one more time in Hawaii in the year 2013. Now, the level surpassed the 400 ppm mark and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Observatory raised a climate change alert warning. read more

NOAA: Carbon Dioxide Levels Surpass an Alarming Record

Marco Foronda   | May 08, 2015 02:20 AM EDT

The burning of fossil fuels is the main reason why the carbon dioxide is now increasing 100 times faster than usual. read more

Seafloor Thermal Vents May be the Source of Life on Earth

Marco Foronda   | Apr 30, 2015 07:50 AM EDT

Organic molecules responsible for life on earth may have formed from hydrothermal vents on the seabed, scientists suggest in a new study conducted by the University College London. read more

Ocean Acidification to Blame for the Earth's Worst Mass Extinction

Marco Foronda   | Apr 10, 2015 04:17 AM EDT

It caused up to 96 percent of all marine species and 70 percent of terrestrial vertebrate species to become extinct. read more

Carbon Dioxide Continues to Increase the Greenhouse Effect

Marco Foronda   | Feb 27, 2015 10:03 AM EST

The increase in CO2 by emerging economies resulted in record high emissions in 2013. read more

Ocean Acidification Threatens Shellfish, Report Says

Marco Foronda   | Feb 24, 2015 11:12 AM EST

The effects on marine biology are most notable among mollusk populations, especially oysters and clams. read more

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