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Four new elements will complete the seventh row on the periodic table.

Four Newly Discovered Elements to be Added to Periodic Table

Four new names for newly discovered elements are now released for public review, where they will complete the seventh row on the Periodic table.

Billows of smoke coming out from the window of the chemistry laboratory where the explosion took place

Postdoctoral Researcher Dies in a Chem Lab Explosion at Tsingua University

A postdoctoral student was found dead on Thursday, Dec. 18 following a lab explosion at the chemistry department of Tsinghua University in Beijing. The sole victim of the incident has been identified as 32-year-old Meng Xiangjian.

The first porous liquid makes a scientific breakthrough

Scientists Develop Porous Liquid That Can be Used to Capture and Dissolve Carbon from Atmosphere

A new scientific breakthrough has been recorded after scientists at Queen's University-Belfast successfully created a porous liquid, according to ChemEurope. The porous liquid has various properties including the ability to capture carbon.

Hydrothermal vents found underwater can trigger life.

Seafloor Thermal Vents May be the Source of Life on Earth

Organic molecules responsible for life on earth may have formed from hydrothermal vents on the seabed, scientists suggest in a new study conducted by the University College London.

3D Printer for Molecules

New 3D Printer Can Print Molecules; Might Revolutionize Chemistry

The machine can assemble incredible complex molecule structures on command.


Superfast Computers to Have One Atom-Thick Silicon Transistors

The new development is all about efficient low-temperature manufacturing and fabrication of silicene devices.

Big Sean Gushes Over Ariana Grande, Says They Have Great Chemistry

Love is definitely in the air as Big Sean reveals that he and Ariana Grande have this great chemistry. Is he hinting that they are actually dating? Or are they still in the process of getting to know each other?

Cancer drugs

New Discovery Could Improve Future Chemotherapies

The results of the study could possibly lead to a new generation of chemotherapy medicines.

Smoke stacks

Special CO2 Adsorbing Plastic Fuels Clean Energy Drive

CO2 adsorbents are often used to extract greenhouse gases from smokestacks.

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