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China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation


China to Also Use CH-T4 Solar Drone as a ‘Quasi-Satellite’ and Wi-Fi Hub

Solar drones like the CH-T4 can perform well in near space.

New missile

China’s New Ramjet Engine for Air-to-Air Missiles can’t Deliver on its Promise

The speed of this engine remains unsuitable, however.


Assembly of 'Chinese Space Station' to Begin 2018 with Launch of Tianhe-1 Core Module

The precursor to the CSS is Tiangong-1, China's first prototype space station.

Long March 7

China Plans Record 30 Space Launch Missions in 2017; US had 60 in 2016

If achieved, this year will be the busiest in the history of China's space program since its start in 1960.

Call anywhere

China Unveils First Satellite Smartphone with Coverage up to South China Sea

The cost per call is around $0.15 (RMB1.00) per minute.

Really fast

China Plans to Build a Hypersonic Space Shuttle Capable of Mach 5

China plans to develop and test this vehicle over the next three to five years.

In space,no one can hear you go

China Orbits Anti-Satellite Weapon Disguised as Trash Collection Satellite

Aolong-1 isn't what it seems since it also has the potential to be used as an ASAT.


First Launch of China’s New Long March-7 Rocket is a Success

LM-7, also known as Chang Zheng-7, will be used mainly for orbiting China's new Tianzhou cargo vehicle.

Fourth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp. plans to establish commercial launching service for domestic and foreign clients.

China's Biggest Missile Maker to Tap Into Global Rocket Industry

The biggest missile maker in China is planning to utilize its solid-fuel rockets to gain entry into the international market, according to a senior rocket designer.

 China launched Belarusian telecom satellite

China Launches Long March-3B Carrying Belarusian Telecom Satellite

China has launched its Belarusian telecom satellite on Saturday at 12:57 AM (Beijing Time) from its satellite launch center at Xichang, China.


China Unveils First Space-Based 3D Printer

Scientists in China have produced a 3D printing machine, the first of its kind in the country, which astronauts will use while on space missions to build parts and equipment.

Long March 3B rocket

China Completes Its First Cargo Spacecraft Design

Scientists and space engineers will soon start building an elaborate production model of Tianzhou.

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