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China Air Pollution

China Air Pollution Problem.

China’s Smog Problem Linked to Arctic Sea Ice Loss: Report

Climate change played a significant role in causing extreme air pollution in China during 2013 December and more such "airpocalypses" are most likely to become common in the coming years, the new study has found.

China Air Pollution

China Develops Unified Standards to Monitor and Curb Air Pollution

China needs to put in place a set of unified standards to effectively monitor and curb air pollution across the country.

China's coal consumption declines.

China Consumed Less Coal for Third Year in a row: Report

China's coal consumption declined for the third consecutive year in 2016 in yet another sign that the world's most populous nation is getting serious on its fight against air pollution. The decades of overdependence on coal has made China one of the highest emitters of carbon dioxide and also one of the worst air polluters in the world.

China Air Pollution

Beijing to Create Environmental Police to Curb Air Pollution

In a bid to address Beijing’s worsening air pollution, local officials will create an “environmental police force” by the end of March.

Air Pollution Hits Parts Of China

Beijing Researchers Study Relationship of Smog, Lung Cancer

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning (BMCHFP) has conducted a study to determine the potential relationship of smog and lung cancer, according to the Beijing News on Sunday.

China Air Pollution

Beijing, China Steps Up Drive Versus Air Pollution

Beijing, the capital of China, is stepping up its initiative against the growing concern on air pollution in the country.

Northern China Blanked by Smog.

Northern China Overpowered by Smog on New Year’s Eve

People across northern China had to face immense inconvenience on Sunday as there was no respite from unrelenting smog even on the New Year's Eve.

Beijing issues

Air Pollution Kills 1 of Every 3 Chinese: Study

A new research claimed that air pollution could be the cause of one in every three deaths in China.

Air Pollution Deaths in China.

Air Pollution Claimed 1.6M Lives in India and China in 2015: Greenpeace

Air pollution caused nearly 1.6 million deaths in India and China in 2015, according to the latest report by leading environmental NGO Greenpeace, which cited overwhelming use of coal in both countries as the main reason.

China reported continuous decrease of coal consumption in the last two years

China Reports Drop in Coal Consumption for Two Consecutive Years

For two consecutive years, China's coal consumption has droppe, according to government data revealed on Monday, as the biggest polluter in the world tries to address the severe pollution that accompanied its economic growth.

New Year Air Pollution

139 Chinese Cities Report Heavy Air Pollution on New Year

Firecrackers and fireworks during the celebration of the lunar New Year added up to the heavy air pollution experienced by residents in 139 Chinese cities, the official Xinhua news agency has reported.

Beijing Blanketed In Heavy Smog

Greenpeace: Most Cities in China Failed Air Quaility Evaluations in 2015

Despite improvements in some of the worst-hit areas, almost 300 Chinese cities still failed to meet national standards for air quality last year, Greenpeace announced on Wednesday, Jan. 20.


Beijing Gets Tough on Pollution, Imposes $28 Million in Anti-Pollution Fines

Beijing's environmental authorities imposed fines amounting to $28 million for various infringements against the city's anti-pollution ordinances last year.

China Air Pollution

China Shuts Down 17,000 Polluting Firms

At least 17,000 polluting companies have been shutdown in China and 28,600 enterprises were ordered to suspend operation following a nine-month intensified pollution inspection by the Chinese government, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has announced.

China Air Pollution

In Smog-Hit China, Bottled Fresh Air Sells Like Hotcake

As major Chinese provinces and cities continue to be blanketed by thick smog, Chinese citizens turn to bottled air for a chance of breathing pure and fresh oxygen, the official Xinhua news agency has reported.

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