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China smog

China Air Pollution Problem.

China’s Smog Problem Linked to Arctic Sea Ice Loss: Report

Climate change played a significant role in causing extreme air pollution in China during 2013 December and more such "airpocalypses" are most likely to become common in the coming years, the new study has found.

Northern China Braces for latest Bout of Smog.

As Northern China Braces for Latest Bout of Smog, 3 Highways Ordered to Bring Down Emission

The Chinese government has given directives to concerned authorities that they must work together to bring down emissions on three major highways connecting to 20 Chinese cities including the country's capital city, Beijing.

Beijing Blanketed In Heavy Smog

China to Expand Environmental Inspections to All 34 Provinces

China is planning to expand its environmental inspection reach to all 34 provinces this year instead of the usual 15, local media reported on Monday citing the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP).

Air Pollution Hits Parts Of China

Beijing Researchers Study Relationship of Smog, Lung Cancer

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning (BMCHFP) has conducted a study to determine the potential relationship of smog and lung cancer, according to the Beijing News on Sunday.

China Air Pollution

Beijing, China Steps Up Drive Versus Air Pollution

Beijing, the capital of China, is stepping up its initiative against the growing concern on air pollution in the country.

Northern China Blanked by Smog.

Northern China Overpowered by Smog on New Year’s Eve

People across northern China had to face immense inconvenience on Sunday as there was no respite from unrelenting smog even on the New Year's Eve.

Northern China Hit by Smog.

Northern China Hit by Unrelenting Smog; Schools, Factories Shut Down

Unrelenting smog has brought life across major cities in northern China to a complete standstill. As a result, several schools and factories were forced to shut down while normal operations of hospitals and air flights have been severely affected.

China Pollution

China Intensifies Fight Against Pollution, Aims to Further Reduce PM2.5 Concentration Levels

China is determined to significantly bring down its pollution levels. The government has unveiled an ambitious paln to address the country's smog problem and provide people with more days with good air quality.

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