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Chinese investments

China Cyber Spies

US to Halt Chinese Investments in Strategic US Tech Firms

The government wants to give CFIUS more power to stop "China's predatory practices."

Dalian Wanda Group.

Chinese Investments in US Reaches Record $18.4 Billion in First Half of 2016

Chinese investments in the U.S. reached an all-time high of $18.4 billion in the first half of 2016. This is more than triple the amount of investments poured into the American market in the first half of 2015, a statement by Rhodium Group said.

Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS)

US Regulators are Taking aim at Chinese Investors: Experts

Chinese companies planning to invest in US-based enterprises this year are likely to face a tough hurdle as the growing distrust between the two countries has prompted a secretive national security watchdog to zero-in on China's investments in the United States.

China Pouring More Investments Into Japan's Tourism Industry

China Pouring More Investment Into Japan's Tourism Industry

China's investments in Japan's tourism industry has risen over the past years with companies from the mainland taking advantage of the large influx of Chinese tourists to the islands of Japan.

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