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Chinese media

China’s State Media Targets India.

Chinese State Media Blames Indian Media for 'negative sentiments' towards Beijing

China's state-run media has taken a swipe at India's press for raking up negative emotions about Beijing, Times of India reported, citing an article in The Global Times.

Ren Zhiqiang

Chinese Tycoon Ren Zhiqiang Faces Ire After Criticizing President Xi

Top Chinese property tycoon Ren Zhiqiang, who is known for his outspoken nature, faced flak from state-owned news portals on Monday for criticizing President Xi Jinping's comments last week that the "media should work for [the] Communist Party."

Chinese Media Give Little Weight To Impact of US-ASEAN Summit

Chinese Media Give Little Weight to Impact of US-ASEAN Summit

Chinese media has shrugged off the recently-concluded two-day US-ASEAN summit held in Sunnydales, California, saying nothing significant in terms of striking geopolitical decisions was reached after the talks.

The Vote

China Speaks Up After U.S. Midterm Elections, Blasts Obama As Uninteresting

U.S. President Barack Obama's Democratic Party lost in the recent midterm elections and China criticizedhis regime and office as uninteresting, China's state-run media Global Times said.

New Communist Party survey finds a breakdown in society morals due to official and unofficial corruption.

New Communist Party Survey Show Chinese Citizens Main Concern to be 'Crisis of Credibility'

A Communist Party survey released this week found a significant government credibility gap among Chinese citizens that appeared to be fueling social moral decay.

Ferguson Shooting: Tear gas used to disperse protesters

How Chinese Media is Addressing Michael Brown's Death and Ferguson Protests

How was Chinese state media handling the Michael Brown shooting-death, Ferguson protests and police situation? They weren't. Quiet for nine days, that all changed on Sunday.

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