Updated 6:02 PM EDT, Wed, Apr 01, 2020

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Chinese ship

Chinese Navy Bering Sea

Presence of Chinese Navy Ships in Bering Sea Coincides With Obama' s Alaska Visit

American President Barack Obama was in Alaska when Pentagon officials announced that at least five Chinese ships have been seen operating in the Bering Sea near the state's coastal waters. Although the ships did not appear to have any hostile intentions, analysts say China is sending a message to the United States.

Eastern Star Relatives

Hopes of Finding More Eastern Star Survivors Dims – Rescue Ends, Identification of Corpses Begins

Rescue efforts aimed at extricating trapped survivors from the capsized Eastern Star passenger ship ended last Thursday evening. Authorities are now focusing on recovering and identifying the dead passengers instead.

Eastern Star

Capsized Eastern Star Update: Families of Missing Passengers Getting Frustrated Over Lack Official News

Families and friends of the missing Eastern Star passengers are getting frustrated over the unwillingness of local authorities to release more details about the tragedy.

Capsized ship

Yangtze River Accident: Over 400 Passengers Still Trapped in Capsized Ship, Rescue Effort Continues

Rescuers are still searching for survivors among hundreds of passengers that are trapped inside a ship that capsized in China's Yangtze River due to a storm.

Hua Chunying

Chinese Ship Bound for Cuba Found With Explosive Materials and Ammunition

The Chinese ship Da Dan Xia and its captain Wu Hong was detained in Colombia for illegally carrying explosives and other ammunition.

China Ship

Chinese Ship Sinks in Japan; 9 Missing

Nine crew members are still missing after a Chinese ship sunk in waters about 390 kilometers off Shimane Prefecture in Japan on Tuesday, the Chinese Consulate-General in Osaka confirmed today.

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