Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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The AT&T logo is seen on the side of a service van in Des Plaines, Illinois.

AT&T Starts 5G Technology Tests in Austin, Texas

In a race towards 5G network adoption, reports claim that AT&T have started testing the next generation data transfer technology. In a statement posted on the company’s official blog post, AT&T said that it will start testing 5G technologies in the real world through its partnership with Ericsson and Intel. The company added that the tests will take place in one of the company’s offices in Austin, Texas.


Elon Musk Confirms Plan to Provide Worldwide Internet Via Satellites

Elon Musk officially confirmed last week's report from The Wall Street Journal saying that he intended to achieve worldwide Internet access by launching 700 satellites.

the International Space Station

NASA Plans to Orbit a "Gas Station" that Refills Satellites with Fuel

NASA hopes to add precious years of functional life to satellites.

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