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New Technique Maps Damage to DNA Caused by Smoking

Maps like these will help scientists better understand how smoking-induced cancers originate; why some people are more vulnerable or resistant to cancers and how these cancers might be prevented.

They're everywhere

Discovery of 1,445 Viruses in Invertebrates Shows Link between these Animals and Human Diseases

"It's remarkable that invertebrates like insects carry so very many viruses."

Rat killer

Cats Conquered the World along with Humans, says DNA Analysis

Their new analysis into ancient feline DNA, the first of its kind, shows cats spread around the world in two waves.

A first

DNA Sequenced in Space for the Very First Time by American Astronaut

The MinION sequencer is smaller than a smartphone.

Life starts here

Study Examines DNA Targeting Dynamics of CRISPR-Cas9

"Cas9 stabilizes the guide RNA."

Scientists now plan to create and design human DNA from scratch.

Scientists Plan to Create Synthetic Human Genome

Scientists propose an ambitious plan to create a synthetic human genome for health applications such as artificial organs.

Geneticist genius

Project to Create Synthetic Human Genomes Would Make Us God

The project proposes to use chemicals to manufacture all the DNA contained in human chromosomes.

Superbug MCR-1 found in China

Epidemic Antiobiotic-Resistant Superbug Found in South China

Researchers have found a new gene known as mcr-1 that makes bacteria highly resistant to polymyxins, a type of antibiotics regarded as the last line of bacteria defense. This new bug is widespread in Enterobacteriaceae and has been found in pigs, raw meat and patients in South China.

DNA Origami Could Be Used In Therapies One Day

DNA Origami Could Be Used In Therapies One Day

Intricate structures at nano scale using DNA referred as DNA origami are designed by researchers at Karolinska Institute in Sweden, published in the journal Nature.


Scientists Can Now Tell the Difference of Twins' DNA

Dr. Graham Williams developed the “high resolution melt curve analysis” (HRMA) along with his Forensic Genetics Research Group.


New Genome Study Can Help Solving Gene-Disease Links

Researchers embarked on a massive gene-sequencing program involving 2,636 Icelanders, and because of something known as the founder effect.


New DNA Analysis Technique Traces Roots of 17th Century African Slaves

This study used human RNA to attract DNA segments and complete them despite their damaged state.

Carnivorous Bladderwort

Carnivorous Bladderwort has More DNA than Genes

The carnivorous little plant is gaining and throwing away DNA at an unusually rapid pace.


DNA Can Store Data for Millions of Years

The double helix design of DNA makes it an ideal method for long-term data storage.

DNA cluster

DNA Can be Used to Store All Our Data Forever

Researchers from ETH Zurich may have found the key to sustaining data forever.

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