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East China Sea


China Warns US' B1-B Lancer Bomber Flyover in Disputed Airspace

China issued a radio warning on Tuesday to an American B1-B Lancer Bomber flying over the contested East China Sea last week, complaining that the bomber illegally entered China's airspace and ordered it to leave.

U.S. B1 Bomber Files Over East China Sea.

Beijing Issues Warning as U.S. B1 Bomber Flies Over East China Sea: Report

China on Wednesday took a critical note of a U.S. B1 Bomber flying through the disputed East China Sea, according to reports. The Chinese army resorted to emergency radio frequency called "guard" to send a warning message to U.S. air crew.

President Trump Holds Joint Press Conference With Japanese PM Shinzo Abe

China Criticizes Japan's Move to Seek US Aid for East China Sea Dispute

China warned Japan on Monday to refrain from seeking US support for the disputed islands in the East China Sea under the mutual defense treaty. The remark came after Tokyo got continued US backing during Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's meeting with US President Donald Trump over the weekend.


US Weighing 'Actions Short of War' to Punish China for Building Man-made Islands in South China Sea

They claim that if China doesn't recognize another country's rights to freedom of the seas, that country has the right to restrict China's freedom in return.

Chinese Warships Sails near Senkaku Islands.

Chinese Warships Sails Near Contested Islands in East China Sea; Japan Lodges Protest

In an apparent response to Japan and the U.S., China sailed three warships through Senkaku Islands in the disputed East China Sea on Monday. The highly proactive action comes barely two days after U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis vowed to protect the contested island during his maiden visit to Japan.

US Remains Top Military Threat to China

US Remains the Top Military Threat to China

The United States remains the No.1 military threat to China followed by North Korea, according to a report released by China's armed forces, the People's Liberation Army (PLA).


F-35 Stealth Fighter will Revive Japanese Militarism, Alleges China Armed Forces Website

JSDF's strategic focus will now move from the north, where it once guarded against threats from Russia, to the southwest where it stands ready to confront China,

 Here soon

Japan Reveals Prototype Armored Personnel Carrier to Deal with Chinese Invasion

Trials with the prototype are expected to last until 2019. Production will follow.

China to Set Up ADIZ in South China Sea if US Attempts to Block Beijing's Access to Islands: Analysts

China to Set Up ADIZ in South China Sea if US Attempts to Block Beijing's Access to Islands: Analysts

Chinese analysts expressed doubt that the US can carry through US secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson's suggestion that Washington should prevent China from accessing its artificial islands in the South China Sea.

Taiwan Calls on Military to Prepare for War With China

Taiwan Calls on Military to Prepare for War Against China

Taiwan rallied its armed forces to be prepared for combat as a measure against the increasing military threats by China, a day after Beijing's first aircraft carrier sailed near the former's controlled islands across the East China Sea.

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Japan to Strengthen Its Coast Guard Amid East China Sea Dispute

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the country is stepping up its efforts to strengthen its coast guard after failing to resolve its feud with China over a group of East China Sea islets.

US Solon Files Bill Imposing Sanctions on China for Illegal Activities in South China Sea

US Senator Files Bill to Impose Sanctions on China Over Illegal Activities in South China Sea

A US senator has filed a bill in Congress calling for the imposition of sanctions against China over its illegal activities in the disputed South China Sea and the East China Sea.

Japan and China's foreign and defense officials will hold their first bilateral security talks on Monday for year 2016.

Japan and China will hold their First Bilateral Security Talk for 2016

Japan and China's foreign and defense officials will hold their first bilateral security talks on Monday in Beijing since March 2015, according to Fumio Kishida Japan's Foreign Ministry.

China Coast Guards

East China Sea Dispute: Chinese Coast Guard Ships Spotted Near Disputed Senkaku Islands

Four Chinese ships were spotted near the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea on Saturday.

Japan China

East China Sea Dispute: Japan Lodges Formal Protest With China Over Chinese Ships Sailing Near Disputed Islands

Japan has lodged a formal diplomatic protest with China over Chinese Coast Guard vessels sailing into waters close to a disputed island in the East China Sea.

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