Updated 6:02 PM EDT, Wed, Apr 01, 2020

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Eastern Star Cruise Ship

Eastern Star Towed

Chinese Authorities Announce Capsized Eastern Star Final Death Toll is 442, 12 Survivors

Chinese authorities announced on Saturday that they have recovered up to 442 bodies from the capsized Eastern Star passenger ship. There were only 12 survivors, and not 14 as previously reported.

Rescue workers of overturned cruise ship Eastern Star in Yangtze River

China Mourns Victims of Deadly Shipping Tragedy as Death Toll Rises to 431, 11 Still Missing

The death toll from the cruise ship tragedy in Yangtze River has reportedly increased to more than 400. Nonethless, several people are still missing in what turned out to be one of the worst cruise ship catastrophes in China in nearly seven decades.

Eastern Star Relatives

Hopes of Finding More Eastern Star Survivors Dims – Rescue Ends, Identification of Corpses Begins

Rescue efforts aimed at extricating trapped survivors from the capsized Eastern Star passenger ship ended last Thursday evening. Authorities are now focusing on recovering and identifying the dead passengers instead.

Eastern Star

Capsized Eastern Star Update: Families of Missing Passengers Getting Frustrated Over Lack Official News

Families and friends of the missing Eastern Star passengers are getting frustrated over the unwillingness of local authorities to release more details about the tragedy.

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