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Electronic Warfare


Cyber Warfare Weapons Defeat Simulated Tank Assault in US Army Training Exercise

Exercises like these help the army determine the technologies needed in the field.

Jamming ISIS

US Navy EA-18G Growlers Jamming Signals Controlling ISIS Suicide Drones in Syria

The EA-18G defeats an enemy's communications by using a combination of EW systems and air-to-ground missiles.


Russian Missiles and Radar Systems Almost Useless Against US Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, Admit Russian Experts

The successful American attack was a huge black eye for Russia's SAM systems.


US Navy Next Generation Jammer Threatens to Blind China’s A2/AD Network in South China Sea

Airborne AESA radars are more difficult to detect by enemy EW systems.

No need for ammo

Russia says its 'Electronic Bomb' Weapons can Easily Beat the US or NATO in a War

It noted these weapons don't "need ammunition for victory."


China will Use Massive Electronic Warfare to Defend Illegal Gains in South China Sea

It revealed the PLA's EW units have conducted jamming and anti-jamming operations.

Next up

Successor to F-22 Stealth Fighter will have Advanced Electronic Warfare Capabilities

Adaptive radars are the greatest threat to U.S. warplanes.

EW kills

New DARPA Project Intends to Neutralize Effectiveness of Digitally Programmable Radars

Digitally programmable or adaptive radar are the greatest threat to U.S. warplanes.

Chinese Hacker Group Axiom

Elite Chinese Cyberespionage Group Axiom Exposed

A group of cyber security researchers has released Tuesday a report identifying a government-sponsored Chinese hacker group that targets U.S. and European government agencies and appears to operate on more sophisticated technologies than any identified so far.


Chinese Military Will Ramp Up Cybersecurity And Domestic Software

The People's Liberation Army Daily, the state's media, announced Wednesday that the armed forces of China will be calling for a stronger cybersecurity and speed up the country's domestic development software to support the technological weakness of the country.

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