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Short and tall of it

There's no Relation between Inheriting Tallness and Better Living Standards, says Study

"Our results do not support the assumption that the heritability of height increases as the standard of living improves."

Li Bingbing speaks openly of her advocacy for endangered animals

Li Bingbing Advocates for Protecting Endangered Animals

Chinese star Li Bingbing is using her international profile to advocate for the preservation of endangered animals.

Climate Change Conference In Paris

Paris Climate Talk: Will This Agreement Solve Global Warming?

On Saturday, Dec 12, leaders from 195 nations reached a historic agreement. The agreement obliges all signatory countries to minimize greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. The agreement requires developed countries like the United States to abide to what was agreed upon, but surprisingly it excuses developing countries like China and India.


China Is Working Towards A Green Economy

Over the years, China has been making efforts to have a more environmentally-friendly economy.


Only 10% Of Shanghai Waterways Are In Good Quality, Local Environmental Authority Says

An alarming finding was revealed by Shanghai’s local environmental authority this week, stating that only 10 percent of China’s biggest city are functioning well while approximately 65 percent are so polluted they are not doing well at all.

Large meltwater stream rushes across the surface of the Greenland ice sheet

Mystery Of 'Disappearing Lakes' In Greenland Solved; What Did Scientists Find?

Over a decade ago, scientists were mystified when lakes sitting atop Greenland’s ice sheet suddenly drained out billions of gallons of water in just hours. Now it appears the mystery is solved. Geoscientists have published a new study in the journal Nature on June 3 explaining the alarming phenomenon, reported Live Science.

The Apple Logo

Apple And China’s World Wildlife Fund Pair Up For Sustainable Forests

Tech giant Apple recently partnered up with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in China to protect as much as one million acres of responsibly managed forests.


New Technology Enables Drones to Land Safely after System Failure

The new technology uses computer vision software to identify safe and dangerous landing sites.

Economy And Environment Top Agenda In NPC Annual Sessions

Economy, Environment Top Agenda In NPC Annual Sessions

The economy and environment are high on the list of issues that will be tackled by NPC delegates after the annual sessions opened last Thursday.

Sea lion pup

Why are Starving Sea Lion Pups Washing Ashore in California?

This January, more than 250 emaciated sea lion pups were rescued.


Environment Shapes Immune System, Not Genetics

Genetic influences diminish in adulthood.

Air pollution

Utah's Air Quality Improves in 2014

Public clamor led state officials to push hard for abating air pollution.

Yangtze River

China Inaugurates World's Largest Water Transfer Project

China officially inaugurated the largest water diversion project in the world.

Climate Change Talks in Peru Represent Best Hope to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

Climate change advocates, diplomats and observers are hopeful to make all countries agree to cut greenhouse emissions.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti speaks during a conference on the challenges and opportunities for sustainable development at Peking University Stanford Center, in Beijing November 20, 2014.

Los Angeles to Host U.S.-China Climate Summit

With the U.S. and China reaching a landmark climate change agreement earlier this month, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has invited leaders of major U.S. and Chinese cities to a greenhouse gas-fighting summit.

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