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Searing Sun

ALMA Begins Observations of the Sun in partnership with ESO

The result of this work is a series of images that demonstrate ALMA's unique vision and ability to study our Sun.

Exoplanet search

VLT in Chile to Search for Exoplanets in Alpha Centauri with Breakthrough Initiatives Assistance

There are sound reasons for focusing on Alpha Centauri.

This artist’s impression shows a hot Jupiter planet orbiting close to one of the stars in the rich old star cluster Messier 67, in the constellation of Cancer (The Crab).

More 'Hot Jupiters' Detected in Massive Star Cluster

Astronomers have detected a high amount of "hot Jupiters" inside a star cluster that is somewhat similar to our solar system, with stars the same age as our sun.

The VY Canis Majoris is a red hypergiant star, currently shedding stellar mass equal to 30 Earths every year.

Dying Hypergiant Star is Shedding 30 Earths Every Year

Scientists have directly observed how the VY Canis Majoris is now shedding stellar mass equivalent to 30 Earths a year.

observatory spots galactic formation

Possible Early Formation Of New Galaxy Spotted By Astronomers From Europe

A possible formation of a new galaxy was spotted in an observatory in Southern Europe. This will give more insights on how cloud gasses can become a new galaxy.

Artist's conception of Jupiter's twin

Solar System 2.0? Jupiter's Twin Detected Orbiting a Star Similar to Our Own Sun

Astronomers have detected an exoplanet almost identical to Jupiter that is currently in orbit with its parent star which is also similar tour own sun.

This visualisation of the three-dimensional structure of the Pillars of Creation within the star formation region Messier 16 (also called the Eagle Nebula) is based on new observations of the object using the MUSE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope

Pillars of Creation Disappearing? New 3D View Reveals How

A new 3D view of the iconic Pillars of Creation gas column structures found in the Eagle Nebula shows how they will evaporate soon.

51 Pegasi b and Jupiter

First Visible Light Seen from Alien Exoplanet

These observations also revealed new properties of this famous object, the first exoplanet ever discovered around a normal star: 51 Pegasi b.

Detecting dark matter

Scientists Suggest Dark Matter Not Completely 'Dark' After All

With this new method, scientists have mapped out dark matter inside four colliding galaxies.

US 708

Milky Way's Fastest Star is Leaving it at 26 Million mph

The fast traveling star was probably launched by a Type Ia supernova,


Scientists Discover 'Dusty Galaxy' Formed When Universe was Just 700 Million Years Old

This ancient, dusty galaxy seemed to be in a hurry to form the first generations of stars to exist in the universe.

Hubble Deep Field South

MUSE Reveals Amazing 3D View of the Deep Universe for the First Time

The greatest achievement of MUSE was the discovery of really distant galaxies.


Europe's Extremely Large Telescope On Track For 2024 Launch

The construction of the Extremely Large Telescope, based in Chile, has begun and is expected to finish in 2024.

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