Updated 6:02 PM EDT, Wed, Apr 01, 2020

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EXO member Tao loses

Ex-EXO Chinese Idol Tao Loses Lawsuit to SM Entertainment

Chinese idol and former EXO member Huang Zitao has lost a lawsuit filed against him by his former South Korea-based management agency SM Entertainment.

'Infinite Loop' Hosted By Calvin Klein

EXO News: Tao Is A Step Away From Leaving EXO, Announces Solo Music Album Release

Tao will be releasing his first solo album on July 23.

The 24th Seoul Music Award

EXO Chinese Member Tao Likely to Release His First Solo Music Album, May Quit EXO

Tao is set to announce something big on July 13.

The 24th Seoul Music Award

EXO Chinese Member Tao Records Solo in Recording Studio; No News Yet on His Departure From EXO

Tao is increasing his solo activities in China.

The 24th Seoul Music Award

EXO's Tao Makes Solo Appearance In China, Solo Endorsement Deal Amount Revealed

EXO recently arrived in Beijing to promote Chinese mobile game.

EXO Member Huang Zi Tao Updates Fans Through Instagram And Weibo

EXO's Chinese member Huang Zi Tao updated his social networking accounts after almost a month of silence amidst controversies regarding his alleged departure from EXO.

Tao Leaves Fans Confused About His Status in EXO; Confirmed to be Attending Fan-Hosted Birthday Event in China

South Korean Chinese boy group EXO’s Chinese member Huang Zi Tao, more popularly known among their fans as Tao, posted a vague message which says, “I’m sorry. Grateful,” on his official Weibo page, leaving fans confused about his status with EXO.

EXO Members Rumored to be Bullying Tao

Rumors that Tao is being bullied by his fellow EXO members surfaced after some netizens dug up old photos of him interacting with them, leading to speculations that his injury is not the only reason why he will allegedly leave the band.

Tao Agreed to Leave EXO According to Father's Sina Interview

EXO’s Chinese member Huang Zi Tao, more popularly known to his fans as Tao, allegedly agreed to withdraw from EXO, and is reportedly confirmed by his father on an exclusive interview with Sina.

SM Entertainment Seeks to Keep EXO Tao Despite His Father's Weibo Message

We are currently in the process of continuously discussing the various activities for Tao in China with Tao and his father, it’s unfortunate that Tao’s father would post such an article.

SM Entertainment Dismisses Reports on Tao’s Departure from EXO

SM Entertainment denies the news that EXO’s Chinese member Huang Zi Tao, more popularly known as Tao, is terminating his contract with the company and is leaving the group.

EXO’s Tao’s Injuries Speculated to Have Worsened After Comeback Performances

EXO member Huang Zi Tao’s ankle leg and ankle injuries are speculated to have gotten worse following the beginning of his group’s promotions for their album ‘EXODUS’.

EXO’s Tao Will Join Promotions Despite Injuries

South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO member Huang Zi Tao, more popularly known as Tao, announced that he will still be performing with the rest of the members during their promotional activities for their album ‘EXODUS’ despite his injuries.

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