Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Film Industry

China-Based Internet Company Alibaba Debuts On New York Stock Exchange

Alibaba Pictures to Invest More in Chinese Film Industry

Speaking at the Shanghai International Film Festival on Sunday, CEO of Alibaba Pictures Production, Zhang Qiang, announced that the company is planning more acquisitions to develop the Chinese film industry.

China Soon to Overtake America in the Film Industry

China's Booming Film Industry Can Already Rival US Market

China's surging box office was brought up during the first Annual Chinese Film Festival Merchandising Summit on Monday, highlighting the 50 percent increase in first quarter revenues. It is also estimated to compete with North America as the world's largest theatrical domain next year.

Wanda Cinema Line to open 100 cinemas across China

Wanda Partners With Dolby to Open 100 Cinemas Across China in 5 Years

Over the next five years, Wanda Cinema Line, the biggest theater chain in China, has announced that it will be opening 100 new cinemas equipped with Dolby Cinema's projection and sound system.

Chinese movie market to surpass US in two years time

China to Surpass U.S. Movie Market in 2 Years

In spite of the economic slowdown, China's movie market is increasing faster than expected. In fact, experts have revealed that China will surpass the United States as the biggest movie market in the world in terms of both box office revenue and number of screens in 2017.

Bill Passed Allowing $330mil In Incentives

Staggering California Vote Passes $330 Million In Annual Film and TV Incentives

Friday afternoon, the California Senate passed a bill to expand and extend film and TV incentives. This bill will provide 330 million dollars in tax credits for the following five years beginning next July. The passing of this bill was put to a vote and was victorious by a landslide - 32 to 2.

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