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Limb Regeneration in Vertebrates Started 300 Million Years Ago

Limb generation isn't a new thing in amphibians.

Earliest Flying ‘Dragon Reptile’ Named After ‘Avatar’ Film Creature

The pterosaur was about 2.3 feet long and had a wingspan of about 4.9 feet.


Enormous Dinosaur Found in Argentina, Larger Than Boeing 737-900

Biggest dinosaur found in Argentina.

Babysitter Dino

Chinese Dinosaur Fossils had Babysitter, Paleontologists Find

Paleontologists found a “Dinosaur babysitter” in a rock slab containing 24 young dinosaurs that seems to be taking care of the hatchlings.

Dinosaur Footprints Preserved in Rock to go on Display in Utah

There are more than 200 tracks in an area which size is smaller than a football field.

Caiuajara dobruskiii

Prehistoric "Butterfly-Headed" Flying Reptile Fossils Found in Brazil

"Caiuajara dobruskii" is the name of this brand-new species of reptile.

An Emperor penguin.

Extinct Penguins Were as Tall as Men

Scientists have discovered the fossilized remains of a colossal penguin.

If Not for Asteroid's 'Bad Timing', Dinosaurs Would Still Be Alive Today

If the asteroid that hit earth and wiped out the dinosaurs came at a "more convenient" time, then those prehistoric creatures would probably still be alive today.

Mary Anning Doodle

Google Doodle Honors Birth of Mary Anning, Female Paleontologist

Today's Google Doodle celebrates the birth of renowned female fossil hunter Mary Anning 215 years ago, one of only a handful of women in her field.

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