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100 Million Year old Bird Wing trapped in Amber

Chinese Scientists Discover Rare Dinosaur Bird Fossils From Myanmar [Photo, Video]

Chinese palaeontologists have announced the discovery of dinosaur-era winged birds. The fossil nicknamed "angel" was found encased in Burmese amber and is believed to be a hundred million years old.

Frozen dinosaurs

Scientists Stumble upon Dinosaur Fossils in Antarctica

Some 170 million years ago, Antarctica had a tropical climate.

180m-year-old dinosaur fossils discovered in Southwest of China

2 Dinosaur Fossils Unearthed in Yunnan, China

Two dinosaur vestiges from the Jurassic Period have been discovered in the Yunnan Province, China in November, according to Xinhua.

Fossils of Dog-Sized Rat Species Seen in Southeast Asia

Fossils of Dog-Sized Rat Species Found in Southeast Asia

Fossils of seven giant rat species on East Timor were discovered with 10 times the size of modern rats.

Modern Snakes

Ancient Snake Fossil Surprisingly Shows Off Four Legs

Paleontologists have made a surprising discovery about ancient snakes with four legs. However, these legs were too tiny for walking. Theory says they might have been helpful for mating and catching prey.

Penis worm

New 'Penis Worm' With Teeth Discovered

Scientists discovered a new species of the toothed "penis worm" by studying the differences in the fossilized teeth.

A. meemannae

Feathery Fossils Suggest Birds Evolved Sooner Than Believed

The discovery of 130 million year-old feathery fossils suggest that birds evolved earlier than previously believed.

War Camel

Scientists Discover Fossils of Ottoman's 'War Camel'

They discovered it's a cross-bred, Bactrian-dromedary hybrid.

human fossils

Research Reveals the Diverse Shapes and Sizes of Early Humans

The team focused on three species known to have lived in Africa between 1.5 million years and 2.5 million years ago.

Ancient lobster-like predator

Scientists Unearth Ancient Lobster-Like Creature

These appendages were composed of three long claws, two of which bore opposing rows of teeth that helped the animal catch its prey.

Giant Salamander

Scientists Discover Remains of Giant Prehistoric Salamander

The predator called Metoposaurus algarvensis lived around 220 million years ago and likely consumed mostly fish.

Largest arthropod

Scientists Found Fossils of Giant Sea Monster

The newly described species is one of the largest arthropods yet discovered, a class of animals that includes spiders and crabs.


Sophie the Stegosaurus Weighed the Same as a Rhino

The techniques are now considered the most accurate way of measuring body weight from nearly complete fossil skeletons.

Proof of a new human species?

Fossils from Unknown Humans Unearthed in China

The teeth seem to be neither modern humans nor Neanderthals.

D. mirificus

Weird Giant Ostrich-Like Dinosaur's Bones Now Completed

The newly discovered dinosaur looks like a goofy Big Bird.

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