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Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

Delayed Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Gets Dual-Band Wi-Fi Certification

The last time the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro made it to the headlines was when Samsung reportedly delayed the phone’s official release until January. Recently, the C7 Pro was once again the topic of several discussions after the phone received official Wi-Fi certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman captured the Milky Way from the International Space Station.

How Much Does the Entire Milky Way Weigh? 700 Billion Suns

Astronomers reveal this brand new estimate of the mass of the entire Milky Way galaxy, reaching about 700 billion solar masses.

A guest  walking into Samsung Electronics' headquarters in Seoul January , 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S7 to Support Pressure Sensitive Display, High-Speed Charging Port

There are reports that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is like to feature pressure-sensitive display as well as high-speed charging ports. Aside from the Galaxy S7, the two features are also believed to be integrated into Samsung's upcoming line of flagship devices expected to debut in March 2016.

observatory spots galactic formation

Possible Early Formation Of New Galaxy Spotted By Astronomers From Europe

A possible formation of a new galaxy was spotted in an observatory in Southern Europe. This will give more insights on how cloud gasses can become a new galaxy.

Samsung Logo

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date, Specs: Will Sport 4GB RAM; Features Ultra High Definition Display

Many rumors are making the rounds of Internet regarding the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. With Samsung Galaxy Note 4 being just 4 months old in the market, it being rumored that Galaxy Note 5 will be launched at the Q3 event this year. The rumors suggest that Galaxy Note 5 will get a release date schedule for August 2015.

The Andromeda Galaxy

Astronomers Discover Andromeda's Massive Gas Halo, Which Extends Near the Earth

Astronomers discover a massive gas halo around Andromeda and is noted to extend near the Earth.

Galaxy EGS-zs8-1

The Most Distant Galaxy Discovered

Astronomers discovered the most distant galaxy, which formed 13.1 billion years ago.


Two Telescopes Cooperate to Detect the Most Distant Planets

The discovery showcases how Spitzer can be used in solving the puzzle of how planets are distributed throughout our flat, spiral-shaped Milky Way galaxy.

Kepler Telescope

Eight More Exoplanets Discovered

The scientists named two of the planets Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b, and these two are the most similar toEearth of all the eight new exoplanets.

Saturnian ring system

Exoplanet's Massive Rings are as Large as a Solar System

J1407b's ring system is the first of its kind to be discovered outside of the solar system.

Machine Learning Astronomy

Astronomers Use 'Machine Learning' to Better Understand Stars

Astronomers will use this technique to collect information on billions of stars.

Dwarf galaxy Kks3

Hubble Discovers New Dwarf Galaxy Neighbor

Meet the new neighbor galaxy of Milky Way.

The Science Behind "Interstellar" Revealed

The movie Interstellar shows realisric black holes and wormholes.

Milky Way

Case Closed: Milky Way's Mystery Object Identified

Strange no more. The mystery object at the center of Milky Way is finally solved.

Pandora's Cluster - Abell 2744

Hubble Reveals Light of Dead Galaxies

Computer modeling suggests galaxies as large as the Milky Way are the most likely candidates as the origin of the drifting stars.

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