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Cloned Pigs Make Media Debut

Two genetically modified pigs made their first media debut at a safari park in China, gathering lots of interest from tourists and locals alike.

Short and tall of it

There's no Relation between Inheriting Tallness and Better Living Standards, says Study

"Our results do not support the assumption that the heritability of height increases as the standard of living improves."

Scientists now plan to create and design human DNA from scratch.

Scientists Plan to Create Synthetic Human Genome

Scientists propose an ambitious plan to create a synthetic human genome for health applications such as artificial organs.

GMOs such as corn are considered safe to eat according to a new report.

Report: GMOs are Safe to Eat, Not Harmful to Human Health

After a long standing debate about the dangers of genetically modified food, scientists released a new report detailing how there is no sufficient evidence that GMOs are unsafe to eat.

Image showing variation between nose shape and the specific genes responsible

Scientists Identify Genes That Determine Your Nose Shape

Scientists have determined the specific genes that determine the shape of your nose from nose bridge width, nostril breadth and nose tip shape.

Zebra finches with redder beaks are preferred sexual mates than those with yellow beaks.

Study: Red Birds Are Healthier and Stronger

A new study reveals the genes that are responsible for turning the beaks and feathers of birds into a red color, where redder ones are considered a more suitable mate.

Adult male Masai giraffe in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Genes Reveal Secrets of How Giraffes Got Their Long Necks

Scientists have identify the genes that are responsible for the giraffe's unique height and structure, revealing clues about its long neck.

There are 74 genes that can help determine the educational level of a person.

Study: Genes Can Show Educational Level

New research reveals how certain genetic variants making up almost three percent of the entire human genome can predict educational attainment of an individual.

Human trade routes beginning 3,000 years ago shaped the genetic evolution of camels.

Camel DNA Shaped by Ancient Human Trade Routes

DNA analysis reveals how the dromedary camel evolved into a genetically diverse one that are still similar to each other, due to changing human trade routes.

Ice Age made an impact to the migration of populations and modern Europeans.

New Ancient DNA Study Reveals True Ice Age European Population History

A new genetic study of pre-historic humans revealed the two significant shifts in population across Europe.

Color Blindness

Scientists Reveal Cure For Color Blindness, Study Answers Why Color Vision Deficiency Is Common Among Men

In a recent study, two researchers from the University of Washington have worked with a biotech firm to find a cure for colorblindness and have later found that a single shot in the eye can cure it.

Human Embryo

Chinese Genetics Research Gone Too Far? West Says China Crossed Ethical Boundaries By Modifying Human Embryo

The Chinese genetics research on genetically modifying human embryo may be close to attaining success, but now the West thinks the China has crossed the ethical boundaries for modifying something that could raise concerns and ignite ethical issues in the society.

President Obama Needs $215M For His Precision Medicine Initiative

President Barack Obama has unveiled a new medical initiative that seeks to collect and store genetic data from millions of individuals. With all the data, scientists will be able to create cures and medicine tailored to specific genetics.


Scientists Disagree with Public on Widely Debated Issues

It's results show a dichotomy of views that leave scientists bewildered.


Environment Shapes Immune System, Not Genetics

Genetic influences diminish in adulthood.

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