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Medicine reduces Cholesterol

Nearly Half of Americans with High Cholesterol are not Taking Medication, Study Says

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed that nearly half of Americans, whose cholesterol readings show that they have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke, are not taking any medications.


U.S. Children's Hospital Sees Increase in Chinese Patients, Seeks Partnerships in China

"We need to make sure the patients are comfortable while seeing doctors in a foreign land, together with the finest medical facilities and services," said Cordova.

China Is Vulnerable To Ebola, Experts State

China is said to be susceptible to the dreaded Ebola virus as experts claimed on Thursday that the influx of Chinese working in the affected regions of West Africa is too high.


Boston's Mass. General Hospital Seeks China Expansion

Massachusetts General Hospital at Boston said it was in discussions Monday with Chinese businessmen and a well-known Chinese hospital of traditional medicine about building a full-service, modern hospital near Hong Kong.

Mitosporidium daphniae

Swiss Researchers Describe Evolution of Extreme Parasites

Zoologists from the University of Basel in Switzerland have discovered Mitosporidium daphniae, a new species of parasite that illustrates the missing link between an extreme group of parasites and fungi, shedding light on the evolution of the disease-causing parasites in animals and humans.

Health Care Providers

New York Man Shocked After Receiving $117,000 Bill From Mystery Doctor

A New York man who underwent neck surgery in December 2013 was shocked to receive a $117,000 medical bill from a doctor he had never heard of, despite believing that he knew exactly what his health care plan and medical professionals would be charging him.

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Identity Theft In U.S. Health Care Industry Worst Among Others

The health care industry in the United States experienced an alarming number of identity theft in 2013, according to Identity Theft Resource Center. Accounting for 44 percent of total data breaches in the country, the industry is finding ways to update its information security.

V.A. Health Care

Lawmakers Reach Tentative Deal To Fix V.A. Health Care Crisis

U.S. lawmakers reached a tentative agreement to reform the health care program of the Department of Veterans Affairs which would involve cutting the waiting time for patients and hiring of more healthcare workers.

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