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Ice age

Extinct jaguar: Partial jaw of a large, extinct jaguar discovered in a cave in the Ultima Esperanza region of Patagonia.

Deadly Combo of Humans and Climate Change Wiped Out Ice Age Giants

New findings reveal that sabre toothed cats, giant sloths and Ice Age giant creatures went extinct due to humans and climate change.

Grant Zazula of the Yukon Paleontology Program with the skull of a Pleistocene steppe bison.

Ice Age Bison Fossils Reveal Clues About Human Migration in North America

New analysis of Ice Age bison fossils reveal the patterns of human migration across North America, also showing a "secret corridor".

Here we are looking at the head of Chasma Boreale, a canyon that reaches 570 kilometers (350 miles) into the north polar cap.

Mars is Finally Coming Out of an Ice Age

New radar images reveal polar ice changes in Martian poles, suggesting that the Red Planet is finally emerging from its Ice Age.

Ice Age made an impact to the migration of populations and modern Europeans.

New Ancient DNA Study Reveals True Ice Age European Population History

A new genetic study of pre-historic humans revealed the two significant shifts in population across Europe.

Ice Age 5

'Ice Age 5' Trailer Released in China

The first full length trailer of the animated film "Ice Age 5" was has been released for Chinese fans.

Mammoth Fossil

California Construction Workers Accidental Uncover Ancient Mammoth Fossils

A group of California construction workers in a Carlsbad site have accidentally uncovered a treasure trove of ancient animal fossils, including bones of the mighty mammoth. The discovery was made in July and scientists are currently gathering the fossils before the construction work resumes.

emperor penguins

Study Finds Only Three Groups of Emperor Penguins Survived the Last Ice Age

Emperor Penguins can thrive at temperatures of -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

Woolly Mammoth Skeleton Sold for US$300,000 at British Auction

A private collector obtained the rare woolly mammoth skeleton.

Mountain climbers on top of the Rhone glacier in the Swiss Alps

The Last Ice Age Ended Gradually and in 'Pulses'

The findings may prove useful as they illuminate mechanisms that plunge the world into and out of ice ages.

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